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  1. Can't download

    Yes, it is a hard life. Guess I will check back later and see if things are a-working then.
  2. Can't download

    Same problem here, except with different mods (Heli Orbit and Traffic Stop Backup - the only ones I have tried so far). It counts down, then nothing. Often it waits for some google site or some doubleclick as well, then nothing. Tried a few times, always the same result. Never had this issue before, nothing has changed on my system (same browser etc).
  3. LSPDFR Computer+

    I rather not have that online component, if possible. In part due to not always being where net is available. Just my two cents. Or at least make it optional in settings?
  4. Oh yes, please. As I use a trainer for saved vehicles and such, this mod currently 'sits over it', which sort of kills the idea.
  5. LSPDFR Computer+

    Personally I rather it use $ since it is Los Santos, based on Los Angeles, and I never play 'local to my geographic location' police myself. Plus, having it in the ini would allow people to change it to anything else, such as £ for UK if they want to use that, or Martian Antennae or something.
  6. I had this problem too. This worked for me: Hopefully it works for you too. It's Police Toolbox that GTA.exe.config belongs too and it broke this mod (and some other) for me. Might have broken Police Toolbox, but I rather have this than that, when it comes down to it.
  7. Spike Strips V

    Yes. In the ini file you will find a URL to a page that shows valid keys (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.keys(v=vs.110).aspx). I use a modifier key.
  8. If you put the solution here it might help others who also struggle with it. Like for me it was that GTA.exe.config from a toolbox or something mod, completely blocking Smart Radio from activating all other mods, didn't even get buttons.
  9. Ravenguard Callouts

    Try 7Zip? It's a free, open source utility that handles zip and rar and others. Or it might be that the archive was made with a never version of WinRAR (seen that happen myself).
  10. [ELS] BCSO Vehicle Pack

    I share this sentiment. Lovely models and textures, to be sure, but I never can seem to get along with ELS (shortage of keys is but one thing). Non-ELS would be divine indeed, should you consider it. Thank you for your work either way.
  11. That did it! And woke another mod up too. Thank you, I never though of that file there.
  12. I shall await its arrival with bated breath.
  13. That will be marvellous. Appreciate your work for the community and do take your time (well, not years perhaps! ), should not burn yourself out over something you do for the fun of it.
  14. I feel the same. Now, if I could set a percentage in an INI file, then, yes, then it would be something to have - for me, a very low percentage, but still enough to add that rare event (in addition to GTA Comes Alive). Could role-play it's a member from a gang still holding a grudge or anything else, but if it will trigger only when I activate it then I'm not sure it's for me yet. Well done in making a plug-in, though, it's beyond me.