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  1. I'd like to do something with the vanilla Freedom (the one on the SWAT vehicles), highway patrol would definitely be a good use of it. I'll keep that in mind. I do have plans for a "traffic" pack, which will be a pack of slicktop cars, which would have livery support. But thank you for the kind words and pictures, I appreciate it.
  2. From the album NefariousBonne's Garbage

    Still alive unfortunately. Pull up on criminals like a parent late to a soccer game.
  3. I think I see your problem; the entry should be at the bottom of vehicles.meta, alongside the other child entries; underneath the <txdRelationships>. You should have a bunch of entries at the bottom that look like this: Insert it there.
  4. Can you provide a picture of what you mean? If the interior is missing textures that means the interior textures are not be loaded. Should look like this (at the bottom of vehicles.meta):
  5. The Edge is something that pops up from time to time, it is something I'm currently considering.
  6. Just replace the vanilla RDE vehicles in rdevehicles.rpf with the ELS ones.
  7. The Riot, Insurgent, Police Maverick and Predator are all part of "Patch 1", model and textures. Several people have asked for FBI/FIB stuff, first time I've been asked for marked though, would probably go the unmarked route though if we choose to include them at some point.
  8. That'd be RDE, as the station in the vanilla game is actually an LSPD station, but converted into a SAHP station by us. There is a sign there by default that was removed (not sure why), as seen here: So that'd be a collision thing to my knowledge.
  9. Flattering, but I don't think any of us would want to work with R*. Regarding the ped issues, I presume that 3.0 launched with some "errors" so to speak with how the ped entries are set up in peds.meta, as I'm not sure when the original peds.meta was cracked open. To my knowledge this isn't an issue in 3.1 as all the addon cops now have the full, and proper "cop" entry to prevent them from fleeing/running away in combat.
  10. Someone else had a similar issue, but it was with the riot vehicles, as I recommended to them, try installing them into a different DLC, such as mpheist and see if the issue persists. I'm not sure if that issue fixed it for them, as they never responded back. Oh well. Anywho, try that, and if that doesn't work, feel free to PM and I'll do my best to further help. Make sure you're using the VCF files that came with (and not the optional red/blue ones that came with), I checked them again just now, and they are set up correctly.
  11. The Sheriff pack released today, it contains a variant of the Stanier, and new to the table is the Landstalker, Fugitive, Contender and the Bison. The vanilla light setup is blue/blue, but also contains a red/blue option for those who want it. Additionally, DukSezQuak and myself have more stuff planned for the LSPD, and some fresh content that we'll touch upon (again) when more appropriate. We have a Discord server too if you want to chat with us, just throw me a PM.
  12. It's an interesting design; however the LS city seal in the middle of the badge looks out of place, surrounded by "San Andreas State Police".
  13. IV Pack support is something we get asked quite often, it's something plenty of the beta testers and community want so it'd be something for us to consider; it'd be under the RDE WOV umbrella, and seeing as Cass dropped IV pack support, it'd be a bit of work on our part. I'd like to see it to, but for the time being I don't know if that's feasible. StreetHawk for what agency?
  14. Are you asking how to remove the script or how to remove the "sixth" star? To get rid of SSR, just remove it from your scripts folder, to remove the "sixth" star, go into your Six Star Response config file and jack up the "SixStarPedsKilledThreshold" number.
  15. The south California vibe is the artistic decision that was made by us here at the RDE team. You however are free to create your own liveries as you see fit.