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  1. Damnit

    @majorpaine2015 indeed. That belt was created by me. No, Evanscornelius doesn't have permission to release publicly.
  2. Realistic one slot LAPD/LSPD CVPI?

    No MX7000 due to limitations. At the present moment I have 4 lighting setups, to which I will reveal later. Unsure at this point if I will release older style hubcaps, or perhaps do a similar setup in the future with the older CVPI. That particular model will span roughly from 2006 to 2011 with only certain setups using the 2009+ trim. There's been an overhaul of the base model. Planning on an update sometime and more information will trickle down in the coming weeks.
  3. Las Vegas Police Coming Soon!

    I think it's important to point out a fair caveat of Kevin never having the desire for self importance to state that he was the first with any new interesting idea. The fact that people resort to claiming that they were the first to do this or that to me shows narcissism instead of interest in helping the community out. For almost any claim about somebody being the first, it can be shown that others have had the same or similar idea as well, even though they didn't announce it. It is particularly insulting to anybody with a brain to act as if only one person has a monopoly on innovation. Prophet, I'm sure you're a decent individual and I'm not addressing you or anybody in particular but just in general. Cheers.
  4. CVPI by Bxbugs123

    all dese here cvpis its an inside job i tell ya whut
  5. [MODEL] Ford Expedition (Lots of Skins)

    I'm one of the few people that allows my IV dev content to be converted to V without any expressed permission. Anyhow, your credit list is a joke and you need to spend more time figuring out what you're missing. I'll give you until Monday to "fix" it or you'll never be allowed to use any of my work again in any of your releases.
  6. BCSD Reveals Retro Fleet

    So now you can do those Montreal cars you really really wanted make. Don't let me down Papa Jesus I've been praying to you instead of the White one.
  7. Two Cars, One Slot

    Love the title, very fitting indeed.
  8. Code 3 X21 TR

  9. LAPS

    Good question. I'm thinking that I would have it separated into parts instead of 1 car because there are already many LAPD Vics out.
  10. LAPS

    Progress of LAPS mod.

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