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San Andreas Life is a new roleplay community currently focused on emergency services roleplay. The San Andreas State Police, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Los Santos Police Department, and Los Santos Fire Department all participate in regularly scheduled evening patrols with the help and coordination of our dispatchers in the San Andreas Communications Center.

We have a team of active developers that are constantly looking to improve our game and web services. Leaders of each department are responsible for not only managing their department's personnel, but also helping design their agencies vehicles and contributing to our mod pack, which our members take a lot of pride in.

We are very community-driven and our developers and administration interact consistently with all of our members in effort to improve features and mold the community into something everyone can be proud of.

Our patrols are usually scheduled around 7PM Eastern (GMT-5) and take place just about every night. Be sure to come check out our forums so you can register and apply to join us on patrol!

You can find our forums Here!, or drop in our Teamspeak server ts.sanandreaslife.net