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  1. Sgt.Kanyo's handling mods

    Sorry guys, I'm not modding for GTA anymore. But I suggest using realistic driving or other similar handling mods. Also if you have some experience with GTA IV handling, modding GTA V's handling shouldn't be a big problem.
  2. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    Any updates on any of the cars? Also one thing I noticed missing was the "US style" parking lights at night. Can you make these come on with the headlights too?
  3. Slower chases

    Is there any way to slow everything down in LSPDFR? Cops doing 150 km/h, bad guys driving like a looney, it really just messes everything up. Is there any way to slow them down? Like what I'm looking for is maybe a maximum speed limit that the suspects can't exceed and stuff like that.
  4. Why do civilian cars turn around randomly?

    It is most definately LSPDFR since I've played through GTA several times before and I never had that before. Also I've just tested it out, I don't have to close down a road. The traffic just does the weird turn around thing after a while. I was responding to a call and they started doing it. I hope the devs can look into this.
  5. Why do civilian cars turn around randomly?

    Unfortunately I had this without ELS as well. It was even worse with ELS enabled. I do sometimes close the area but even when I reopen the roads sometimes like 3 cars spawn and then nothing again. And if I remember well, cars kept doing the weird turns even when I didn't close off the road.
  6. So the weirdest thing started happening when playing LSPDFR, is that peds driving on the road, start to make U turns for no reason. It messes up the whole traffic since they even do U turns on highways resulting in huge pileups and obviously road block for me. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. [ELS] [ADDED FPIS] LSPD Sedan Pack!

    Loving the HQ stuff, but it has a few minor bugs. For example: - Some of the LODs needs more work (I'm encountering missing wheels) - All white LSPD and template skin on the Charger - CVPI missing middle brake light - Ford PI missing the parking light like the other models have (the amber glowing indicators at night) - Wheel placement is off on most models. Here's the Crown Vic's for comparison (you can see how irl it's pushed more inside the body): If these get fixed, it'll be perfect. Also props for having a HQ pretty realistic interior and an LAPD light pattern on the Arjent.
  8. LAPD / LASD / CHP Forza CVPI

    It's not that I don't like it, but the default lights in GTA V can represent the light patterns realistically (although I do miss the steady burns only from LAPD and LASD cars and the CHP park mode), and also I believe the best model for GTA V right now is the LAPD utility by Desmond98, and that one is non-els as well. Also I'm not sure, was the door bug (or car constantly fixing itself bug) fixed? I also had a lots ELS related crashes in IV, so not sure how stable it is in V.
  9. LAPD / LASD / CHP Forza CVPI

    Thanks unfortunately I already know of these, but I'm really looking for the Forza models, because of the lights and the detail. I'm quite satisfied with BxBugs123's LASD CVPI (after I changed all the pony textures lol), but I can't really find an LAPD car that suits my taste.
  10. Anyone working on non-ELS LAPD / LASD / CHP Forza Crown Victorias? I've seen the ELS LSPD Sedan Pack which has a crown vic I really like, but it's ELS and I'd rather just stick to non ELS for now. Pricefield told me it wouldn't take too much time for him to convert it to non-ELS, but when I asked if he's working on it, he hasn't responded. So I was wondering if anyone is working on such car.
  11. [ELS] [ADDED FPIS] LSPD Sedan Pack!

    So will you be making a non-els version as well. I'm good with only the hubcap forza CVPI, but I'd appreciate the Charger just as much.
  12. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    Both of them are looking fine AF. I'll be waiting for them.
  13. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    First of all I have to say that hands down your 2014 LAPD Ford FPIU has to be the best car mods for GTA V and I mean really. The plastic feels like plastic, rubber feels like rubber and everything on the car is spot on. I can't beleive that you even managed to make the traffic advisor flash slower then the arjent lights. From the pictures the CHP FPIU is going to be the same quality. Are there any updates on this? Also remember that CHP has pretty slow patterns on their cars: I wish it was possible to do the different light patterns on different siren tones and the infamous chp park mode, but I guess it's not possible with non-els.
  14. Since the new update whenever I seize someone's vehicle, LSPDFR crashes. Can you look into that please? Log: [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.186] LSPD First Response: ============================== [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.186] LSPD First Response: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION DURING GAME FIBER TICK [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.187] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.187] LSPD First Response: Origin: Game fiber "<UNNAMED THREAD>". [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.187] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.187] LSPD First Response: Exception type: System.MissingMethodException [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.188] LSPD First Response: Exception message: A metódus nem található: „Void Arrest_Manager.API.Functions.RequestTowTruckForVehicle(Rage.Vehicle)”. [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.188] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.188] LSPD First Response: Inner exceptions: [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.189] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.189] LSPD First Response: Stack trace: [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.189] LSPD First Response: a következő helyen: ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????(Vehicle ) [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.190] a következő helyen: ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????() [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.190] a következő helyen: Rage.GameFiber.Main() [2017. 10. 15. 20:10:40.190] LSPD First Response: ==============================
  15. [ELS] [ADDED FPIS] LSPD Sedan Pack!

    That'd be amazing dear sir. If you could make it have the LAPD flash pattern on the arjent with steady burns, it'd be perfect.