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  1. Sgt.Kanyo's handling mods

    Sorry not really. Haven't played GTA for a while, but feel free to try the charger handlings in this thread. I believe I made a 2015 charger handling, if the car rolls over, you should try adjusting the center of mass on the Z axis. More detailed info about that here:
  2. 1994 Chevy Caprice 9C1- LA Co. Sheriff

    Dude change your tyres, those look seriously old.
  3. 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe NYPD Highway Patrol unmarked

    It's in the readme file. "Handling.dat line" If you don't know how to install handling lines, there are several tutorials I believe around the internet (maybe even on YT).
  4. Chrrgggg

    Nice! You should make that always appear on the car, as I haven't seen any chargers without it. Also will you be releasing it?
  5. Chrrgggg

    I can't see it. It's supposed to be under the Arjent: Also it's really weird because at the back there's only an ANPR on the left side which faces towards the sidewalk:
  6. Chrrgggg

    Needs the ANPR
  7. Traffic won't move out of the way

    Yeah but traffic should move out of the way when I use the siren. I know that the dilletante does move out of my way every single time, but others vehicles don't. Is there a file that modifies the AI behaviour or is it in the handling file?
  8. So after I installed the realistic driving and flying mod, most of the vehicles don't pull over when I use my sirens, or they slow down insanely slowly, usually resulting in them stopping at intersections blocking my way. Anyone knows which file modifies the AI's behaviour when they hear sirens? Also is there a mod that makes traffic pull over only to the right side of the road?
  9. No siren sound after mod

    Thank you guys, I think I'll use Albo's siren mastery mod.
  10. Hey, so I managed to finally import some modded sirens into V, however all of the cars lost their horns / siren sounds. I believe I read it back then, that it was connected with the new siren audio being longer than the original sound it replaced, however there's absolutely no way for me to make these sirens shorter. Is there a work around to fix the muted sirens?
  11. RPH scripts

    Just a little update. I managed to solve my problem by starting GTA V normally, and when I'm in the main menu, where you can select SP or MP, you start RPH and then start story mode normally.
  12. Crash on startup

    Doesn't work. It crashes the same way, as if I use RPH to fire up GTA. rph_log.txt
  13. RPH scripts

    Yeah LSPDFR itself works, but if I install any plugins like Police Radio, the game crashes when I alt tab back. And yes I agree RPH is crappy AF, however since LSPDFR uses it, I have to use it as well.
  14. Crash on startup

    You basically start GTA V normally without RPH. And after the game loaded and you're in single player, you alt tab and start RagePluginHook.exe. When you go back in game, you'll see it started and lspdfr is initialized. My only problem now is that whenever I have any plugins installed, my game crashes using this method.
  15. RPH scripts

    I've been having issues with every single LSPDFR plugin I tried installing. I've tried Assorted Callouts, Traffic Policer and Police Radio and all of these plugins crash the game when I load RPH. I'm using the latest lspdfr and RPH and also have all the requirements RPH suggested and unblocked every single file it asked me, so all of these plugins should work. If I run only lspdfr, everything works fine, but once any of these plugins (and I assume any plugin) are in, the game crashes when I load RPH. Anyone had similar issues?