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  1. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    Any news on the CHP FPIU? Or even the LAPD PIU maybe with a lights update?
  2. Sentinel's Showroom

    Oh yes! I've been waiting for a CHP Forza CVPI for some time now. It looks amazing so far. Can you make the parking lights stronger though please?
  3. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    Oh you're right. The ELS version doesn't have brake lights either.
  4. No More Throttle Feathering

    For example we'd have 2 settings. 1 is normal every day use, meaning the car will shift gear at like 1/3 of the rpm range while in the 2nd mode, we'd have the car redline every single gear. Controlling that with a single key would be nice. Like push "x" once you get mode #1, push "x" again you get mode #2.
  5. Flare weapon

    As we know we have a flare as a "weapon" in GTA V. Is there a way to make it stop rolling around? Whenever I'm setting up a scene, it keeps rolling around. What I'd like to see is whenever it hits the ground, it sticks there immediately. Or if there's a mod that lets you place flares like road cones / barriers that'd be great as well.
  6. No More Throttle Feathering

    Could you modify your script in a way that, instead of using keys for selecting the drive modes, the keyboard has to "spool" up like a turbo? What I mean by that is let's say it takes 1 or 2 seconds to reach a fully pushed in gas pedal. This way, we don't have to use any keys, we can just modulate our throttle. A slowed down steering response would be greatly appreciated as well, since right now cars turn very nervously as well. Also maybe a nice addition would be to have a key to control when the shift points should be.
  7. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    Yes absolutely. This is the part I meant: EDIT: Also found a bug that the brake lights (middle brake light + normal brake lights) don't show up for the non-ELS version:
  8. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    New update looks really nice, but the ELS flash patterns are really off. It should be like on the LSPD sedan pack. Can you fix that in the next update? Also I'm experiencing a weird bug, when I exit the car on light stage 1 the pattern changes to have steady burns both on the front and rear. The parking lights look nice, but the lower reflector area should be lit up as well.
  9. 2015-2017 Ford Expedition SSV

    I think the wheels are too big in the wheel arches. You should scale them down a bit, but other than that, it looks very nice. Much better compared to the old one. Here's a ref pic for the wheels: Also may I suggest using a medium dark fully red (saturation 100%) glass for the rear light covers and than playing with the transparency only. That'll give it a deep red translucent look.
  10. Code 5 -|DEMON|

    Will you be releasing it? It looks really nice so far and we don't have a realistic LAPD ELS vic yet. Especially not a forza model, which is by far the best.
  11. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    If you meant the alley lights, than yes they do flash just like in the video.
  12. Code 5 -|DEMON|

    The LAPD vic looks really nice, but if you're the author please fix the wheel position. It's mad irritating to see it like that. The left side of the wheels should look like the left car's right wheel positions.
  13. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    What do you mean by siderunners? Also the one thing that arjent has gotten wrong is that the takedown lights move in synchronization with the red and blue lights:
  14. [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)

    Looks really great. Also I'm not sure. Will there be an ELS version as well? If yes, then this pack has the correct lighting of the Arjent lightbar's stages:
  15. Outside looking in

    Well I'll be waiting for the LAFD version, also I'm certainly glad to hear one is in progress.

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