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  1. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    No, I'm simply more tolerant of Islam because I manage to separate a minority of crazy lunatics in middle-east and a large majority of peaceful people in the rest of the world. Also because I don't believe any conspiracy theory saying Islam would replace any major religion in our western countries. Ah yes, everyone knows that China or North Korea for example, or well-known to be muslim countries, which is why they violate human rights all the time. That, or they're actually not muslim countries and they just violate human rights because they want to, regardless of their religion. Yes, it would be unconstitutional, and your statistical facts about "people who know less about Islam are the most tolerant about it" are just words so far.
  2. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    No, it's not. It's a religion, and some happen to use it as a form of government. However it's not in the US, nor in any western country that doesn't have Islam as its main religion. Therefore this argument doesn't apply to any of said countries, and there's absolutely no reason to ban Islam. At least not more than any other existing religion.
  3. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    No, they don't. All I read on that page is the implementation of an islamic tribunal, for muslims only (and thus, you and other people wouldn't be concerned, so your rights and freedom aren't endangered, as I was saying before), and that this islamic tribunal would have to "conform to legal proceedings at the local, state and federal level", and that "these proceedings must be conducted in accordance with the law of the land; local, state and federal within the United States" (therefore abiding to the US laws and rules). There's nothing there about enforcing anything. If anything, they're open to discussions to open this kind of islamic tribunal with legal professionals (as stated in the very last paragraph of that page), therefore not forcing anything on anyone. Let me ask you something: did you know that jews have a similar system? It's called beth din, it's a jewish tribunal for jewish people to settle their matters according to their religion's rules and precepts. Why does the islamic tribunal bother you (since it doesn't concern you or anyone else who isn't a muslim), but not the beth din? Why would jewish have the right to have their own religious court (which has legal powers), but not muslims? I love how you say "there's no context, Allah tells muslims to do that" when you're talking about a verse from the Qu'ran, but when it's a verse coming from the Bible, you say "There's context to that, it's only sinners and people found guilty of something". Your double standards are going very far, mate. And yet you want to prevent people from practicing the religion they want. Isn't that beautiful as well.
  4. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    The only thing I find when Googling "Texas sharia law" are articles saying that Texas passed an anti-sharia law (which is already a thing in many places in the world and just makes sense as religious laws and civil laws shouldn't be mixed) and a Breitbart article that has been debunked as fake. So I wouldn't mind having trustworthy sources about Muslims "attempting to make sharia law legal on a local level".
  5. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    Did muslims come to you to tell you to stop worshipping your god? To stop shaving and let your beard grow? To pray at the mosque? To stop speaking your mind? To make your girlfriend wear a cloth on her head? Do they prevent you from eating the food you want? Or from drinking alcohol? Do they try to assault you with Qu'ran books in an alleyway? Do they try to overthrow your government? To rule your country with their religion? Do they try to make you speak arabic? Or to wear a djellaba? No? They don't do any of this? Then they don't impede your freedoms or rights. Nor do they impede the freedoms or rights of any other American.
  6. Egypt Mosque Attatck

  7. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    So what you're saying is that according to Christians, homosexual people aren't sinners if they don't show that they're homosexual (because it shouldn't be prevalent). Ah, such a religion of acceptance and peace, to tell people to repress who they are even if that means hurting themselves psychologically in the process. You're wrong. “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” (Leviticus 20:13 NAB) Your holy book teaches to kill homosexuals. It's written, right there. Therefore, your God doesn't love all, and on top of that, gets the luxury to tell its believers to slaughter people. Again, such a religion of acceptance and peace. It is different, because you're pushing your beliefs onto people by doing that. I don't want some christian to ring at my door to tell me his God wants me in, because I don't care about it, and yet here they are trying to lure me in even though I don't want to. It's intrusive, and it's no different than what you think muslims are doing. Neither does Christianity then, because there are plenty of aggressive, vicious, brutal verses in the Bible (as seen just above). But again, double standards, trying to find scapegoats to target muslims arbitrarily, all that.
  8. Yeah, I know, but your original question was "was crash actually a bad anti-gang unit", to which the answer is yes, yes they were a bad anti-gang units. As I said, the end doesn't justify the means. A decrease in criminality shouldn't come with the price of a corrupted law enforcement force terrorizing the population.
  9. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    Then I can only suggest you to make your own research because claiming this is blatant ignorance. An ignorance that brings misconception, misunderstanding and ultimately leads to hate. But I doubt you'll do so. As I said, there will always be a good excuse (or scapegoat) to arbitrary target Muslims. I'll just say one thing: you, who's a proud American, should most likely stand by the values of freedom and constitutional rights. Like the freedom and right to have guns, or to speak your mind. Whether you like it or not, there's also the freedom and right to practice any religion. Your best bet is to deal with it and learn to live with the fact you will have to live with things you don't agree with, and let people worship whatever god they want. Because your God, and your religion, objectively aren't better or worse than any other.
  10. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    I don't think it gives anyone an excuse to slaughter millions of people based on their religion (Judaism and Islam in those cases), but I'm not christian so what do I know about massive genocides. In the end there will always be an excuse to say "No but Islam is worse so it's bad." because you arbitrary decided that this was the enemy, even though it isn't. Yeah, there are Islamic extremists in the world. Just like there are Christian extremists, Jew extremists, so on so forth. But you arbitrary decided to focus on islamic ones. Yeah, there are bits of violence in the Qu'ran (even though the book isn't entirely based on this as there are plenty of passages talking about peace of mind and body, helping hand, etc), just like in other holy books of the other main religions around the globe. But you arbitrary decided to focus on the Qu'ran. Yeah, there are countries run by extremists who try to rule with a very barbaric approach of Islam over their people. But I don't see how it's your business to deal with that, unless you want another rendition of the Irak war (we all saw what pathetic results it gave for the geopolitical situation in middle-east).
  11. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    They must have missed that part in the Bible when they launched the crusades and slaughtered millions of jews and muslims then.
  12. Have you read the link Sam posted? From what is said in there, it's clear this was not a good anti-gang unit. Yeah, maybe crime rate decreased, but at what cost? The end doesn't justify the means.
  13. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    So you're condemning them for something they didn't commit, just because they are muslims. That's the definition of discrimination.
  14. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    As mentioned before, Islam has ~1.8 billion believers across the world. How many Syria and Afghanistan have? A couple millions? Integrists for the most part, meaning -they- are the violent minority, and not the other way around.
  15. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    You're telling me "They follow the precepts of the book". Which tells them to kill non-believers. Alright, let's put that in practice. I'm not believing in Allah (or any god for that matter), yet no muslim has come to slaughter me. You're a believer of the christian god I suppose, yet no muslim has come to slaughter you. The church of my town has a mass every sunday, I haven't seen any muslim going there to slaughter the people there. How do you explain that exactly, if it's not them not following every word of their book? And don't tell me it's a minority.

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