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  1. Silently and dirt bikes don't really go well together. Quite the contrary usually.
  2. At the Beach

    Nice to see my skin on that car
  3. It was the neighbor who ran towards the officers to warn them the man was deaf, not Mr. Sanchez himself. All he did was waving his metal pipe in the distance to convey what he wanted to say. And again, the Lieutenant, first on scene, had his taser out, not his gun, it was the sergeant who arrived later on who pulled out his gun and shot rather than mimicking his colleague and using his taser as well. That sergeant is just a damn idiot and killed a man for no reason.
  4. Montage of Bad Drivers

    Believe me, stupid drivers are a world-wide spread plague...
  5. Imagine this, transposed to other professions. "Yes, I wanted to become a firefighter. But I fear for my life, so when there's a fire, I'll just stand back and spray some water rather than walk into the building to save the people in it. I wouldn't want to get hurt while on duty." That's so ludicrous.
  6. So, maybe you haven't heard of it, but maybe you did, since here, overseas, it is yet another polemic around the US police that made it in the news, and more particularly, the Oklahoma City police department. Police were investigating a hit-and-run and arrived at the home of Madgiel Sanchez, 35, after the pick-up supposedly involved in the hit-and-run was seen parking at his home, and was shot dead by Sgt Chris Barns after ordering him to drop the metal pipe he was holding. The thing is, Madgiel Sanchez was deaf and mute, and therefore couldn't hear the police officers orders, nor communicate with them. And despite Madgiel Sanchez's own daughter, along with several neighbours screaming Madgiel Sanchez was deaf, Sgt Chris Barns, second officer on scene, ignored those details (or, as he says it, 'did not hear them'), and took the decision to shoot the man who was declared deceased on scene in front of his house. The first officer on scene actually pulled his taser, but it was the second officer arriving on scene, Sgt Chris Barns, who pulled out his gun immediately. And while the first officer on scene fired his taser, Sgt Chris Barns, actually fired his gun, multiple times, and shot the man dead. Neighbours and witnesses claimed Madgiel Sanchez was always carrying this metallic pipe with him, not as a weapon, but because it helped him shoo away stray dogs as he ran laps around a parking lot, as well as helping him communicate with people, moving it around to convey what he was trying to say. Those same motions he made towards police officers probably to convey a message that got ignored. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/20/us/oklahoma-city-police-shooting-deaf.html?mcubz=1 https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/21/oklahoma-city-police-shooting-magdiel-sanchez-deaf
  7. They did claim it was them by now. Though nowadays I feel like they claim anything happening is them just so they can take credit, even if it might not be actually them.
  8. Did Normal US Police Officers have SMG

    I see people putting MP5 and UMP in the same bag, but I'd like to remind that the UMP can use 0.45 ACP ammo (like the infamous USP or P22X handgun series), on the contrary of the MP5 which is chambered exclusively for 9mm ammo. On a side note, I tend to believe the UMP is much more fitting and efficient for close-quarter combat than an actual rifle.
  9. His neck magically broke in the van, officers ain't nothing to do with it. /sarcasm off
  10. As Kallus Rourke said, make sure you installed all the lines necessary for the game to recognize what you're trying to spawn. That includes the vehicles.meta line, and the carvariations line, that have to be added manually in said files (while when you simply replace an existing model, it uses the existing lines linked to that specific model in those files). If it isn't done properly, the game won't be able to find what you're asking it to spawn and will ultimately freeze and/or crash.
  11. 1/ Your reply doesn't make sense. 2/ Be more accurate. 3/ Provide sources to support your opinion. Thanks!
  12. You're discussing semantics there. You perfectly know what I mean by off-duty. There's a difference between being ACTIVELY on-duty, where you're in uniform and directly answer to dispatch calls, and being off-duty where you're just in plain clothes and live your life of human being. Sure, if needed, you can be called back in even if it's out of your shift hours, but otherwise you're off-duty, you don't answer to dispatch and you do your own things. And during those times, you don't need your weapon in a doctor's office or a hospital, because there's nothing to be afraid of in those. Unless you're afraid of needles or hypochondriac, but again, a gun won't help in those cases. Is that your way of life though? To always expect the worst that can happen, so you have to be prepared to anything? By following this way of life, everyone should wear bullerproof vests, because you never know when you can be shot, everyone should drive tanks, because you never know when you might have a car accident, everyone should have a bunker, because you never know when a thermo-nuclear war might be unleashed upon us. Always fearing that something might happen, anything, anywhere.That's toxic for anyone's well-being, and ridiculous in its logic. I'm perfectly aware you've guns and so do your police (even though almost every police around the globe carry guns, so that's kinda irrelevant). Also, never said anything about someone being uncomfortable. All I said was that the owner of the doctor's office or the hospital's staff has every right to ask the badge and ID of someone carrying a weapon, just like they have every right to ask them to leave their weapon somewhere else for the time they are in, because you've absolutely no reason to have a gun when walking into whether of those places. Now if you indeed have stats that prove doctor's offices and hospitals are places where there's frequently shootings and terrorist bombings, I'll gladly admit you absolutely need your gun when you go to your doctor or the nearest hospital, though I'm gonna be honest and say that I already know they aren't, therefore there's no gun needed, because you and your family are perfectly safe in those.
  13. That's nice and all to have stats, but that's irrelevant to what I'm saying. You go to the doctor, you don't need your gun, cop or not. You're in plain cloth, you're off-duty. Therefore the owner has all rights to ask why there's a gun at your belt and to ask for a badge and ID. Especially in a doctor office or hospital. What's there to fear in those, to catch a cold? Afraid a gun won't help much as you can't shoot diseases. And for all the guy knows, the person in front of him could be anyone.
  14. If they're in plain clothes they're off-duty. And if they're off-duty, they don't need their firearm, therefore it's normal for someone to not want to see them. Even more so in a doctor office/hospital. They've nothing to fear for their life.