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  1. Hi. Can anyone create a Whelen Liberty II for GTA V for development purposes or direct me to one? Thanks
  2. Check out ELS for V!

    I noticed in Albo's video the vehicle setup configuration had up to 12 extras. How many extras will be able to function as lights in GTA V?
  3. I like the sounds of this! Low priority calls make the high priority ones that much more fun. Some callout suggestions: Noise Complaint - Person shooting fireworks, or having a party (which you have to disperse) Disturbance - People loitering in area, shouting or just standing (disperse them) Drug Complaint - people smoking weed under a bridge/on street Offender Compliance Check - visit the home of a parolee/person out on bail to ensure they are complying with their conditions. Neighbor Dispute - Neighbors arguing (break it up) Mischief - Person/people causing damage to property (breaking fences, denting cars, etc) Alarms - Residential / Commercial automatic entry alarms (most likely false, but possible to find B&E) Emotionally Disturbed Person - Person acting odd (ranges from shouting nonsense to being suicidal) Backup Officer: Sovereign Citizen - Person refusing to show identification on traffic stop / other call (arrest or talk him into showing ID) Criminal Harassment - Victim has been receiving harassing phone calls/messages from a person (go talk to the suspect and deal with it accordingly). Trespassing - Person walking on private property (find out why they are there and remove them). Taxi Dispute - Cabbie and customer in argument about fare / person refusing to pay (determine who's correct and deal with it) Assist Security Agency - Security has a person in custody (help them investigate and lay a charge if necessary) Person Refusing to Leave - Manager of store wants police to help remove an unruly customer. Missing Person - Person is missing (have description of person, talk to people in area to locate) Traffic Hazard - There is debris on the road that is dangerous to motorists (remove from roadway or direct traffic until the city can remove the hazard. Protest - There is a group gathered protesting (make sure it remains peaceful and traffic continues to flow). Stolen Bicycle - A person has woken up to find his bike missing (gather info and see if you can locate it). Welfare Check - Family member concerned for well being of relative (go to address and see if they're okay). Suspicious Occurrence - Caller says there is a person in a car/on foot that has been watching a residence / circling the block for a while (locate and identify their intentions). Hope this gives you some ideas! Good luck on coding - I cant wait to see the finished product
  4. Check out ELS for V!

    For the pattern scan, do we have a limit to the number of patterns used in a cycle?
  5. Check out ELS for V!

    That looks really good! How many extras are utilized for ELS V? looks like there are more than 9 based on the video.
  6. LSPDFR 0.3 - "Busted!"

    Yay! love not having to draw on someone to slap the bracelets on. The Only thing i can hope for now is being able to take hold of them like in LCPDFR! That would be the icing on the cake.
  7. Not quite manual transmission (I don't really want to press a button every time i gear change), but make the keyboard respond more like a controller. For instance if you hold the trigger of a controller half way, the car will maintain half speed. In the case of keyboards, this is not possible because as soon as you press W or S it immediately wants to be full speed or fully stopped (I find this causes a lot of traction issues with tires spinning/skidding off of light gas/break taps). Instead, my suggested mod would be similar to how one drives a normal automatic car. You hold down the gas until you achieve the speed you want, then you can release the key with the vehicle maintaining a relatively constant speed. Same goes for braking. If you hold the S key for a split second, it will act as though you are lightly touching the break pedal - unlike how it currently is where pressing S for a split second is the equivalent to slamming your foot on the break for a split second. I'm not sure if that clarifies my request anymore or not. Thanks =)
  8. One of the biggest issues about driving with keyboards is the fact that you can not control the speed of your vehicle smoothly like you can with controllers. This is especially frustrating when wanting to maintain a certain speed, come to smooth stops, or gradually accelerate. My Suggestion: Create a mod where the keys are like pedals instead of just stop/go... When holding down 'w'/'s' keys, the speed of the vehicle gradually accelerates/decelerates over time.Perhaps a functions key (like shift) being held while pressing W/S will decrease the time it takes to reach top speed/full stop. (In case you really need to slam on the gas or break in a hurry or emergency).Other Ideas: Create a manual reverse option: S becomes the brake pedal only - must be held or the car will creep forward. To put vehicle into reverse, must press a key to switch gears. I truly believe this would greatly enhance the experience of GTA for keyboard users - especially when playing LSPDFR. I wish I knew how to code, or I'd be doing this myself =P Thanks for reading! -Cantwell
  9. Give me your suggestions!

    Ya, but its a game where people use keyboards to play so its not like we can 'ease into it' =P ; I mean it even happens with low end sedans
  10. Give me your suggestions!

    Simple mod that prevents tire screeching when reasonably accelerating/braking. Seems as though even if you slightly touch the brake/gas, the wheels like to spin/lock up.
  11. I thought I'd start a thread where people can share ideas of what they'd like to see in terms of dispatched callouts in LSPDFR. I for one would eventually like to see... Medical assist callsPetty theft from storesPersons loitering/refuse to leave businessesTraffic obstructions (accidents / animals blocking road)Barking/loose dog complaintsDomestic disputes... just to name a few. Thoughts?
  12. Version 1.0


    GTAIV Halton Regional Police Service Crown Victoria (marked). Comes with 4 liverys: <'09 Decal, '09-'14 decals + supervisor decal, '15 recycled decal.

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