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  1. GTA 5, LSPDFR Crash on loading screen.

    Yeah i fixed it, apparently something went wrong in my mods folder, i recreated it and just put in 1 vehicle in the x64e.rpf and tested, it worked so i added more vehicles and it seems to work perfectly fine.
  2. GTA 5, LSPDFR Crash on loading screen.

    I have currently found the issue, it was my mods folder, i am gonna recreate it and see if that solves anything.
  3. So i installed LSPD:FR yesterday and learned the whole process of modding the game with the mods folder but right now i cannot get past the loading screen on the main menu where it wants to load LSPD:FR, i've seen multiple posts of people having this sort of issue but none have a explanation of how they had their issue fixed. Thank you in advance! Below is the Crash log of the Rage Plugin.
  4. 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

    gotta give the headlights a proper texture.
  5. GTA 5 unmarked Highway Patrol

    unmarked Highway Patrol Unit

    © DySands

  6. GTA 5 unmarked Highway Patrol

    unmarked Highway Patrol Unit

    © DySands

  7. Lol ofcourse you do. Over here police only shoots back when they get shot at, how it's supposed to be, or if there is any other reason of projectiles flying towords them, if somebody tries to take their gun they either bash your head in, or do a warning shot.
  8. Seriously though, the whole going lethal is soo american once again, they got like 6 cops on scene, and 2 suspects, they cannot put hand cuffs on a suspect without shooting him. Also before the officer started to shoot you saw all the officers clear from the suspect and he just layed there otherwise he would have moved away. This is exactly America, this shit doesn't happen in Europe and it's getting more often that police is shooting an un armed person. Those LAPD officers might need some sort of re training cause 4 vs 1 and still lose a gun, not completely sure how that works.
  9. Since i do always wanted this vehicle i may scratch make one in future. You can always check my deviantart for whenever i start making one.
  10. easier to say then to do, the body of a suburban is totally different so you will end up putting more time into trying to make it look like an excursion then to scratch model one.
  11. the only problem is that nobody has an excursion model.
  12. Highriser works?

    Alt + K
  13. DySands Designs

    All the development and other pictures of DySands
  14. LVMPD New Livery Pack - Ford PI Utility [FINAL]

    that enb looks really good, you should release it man!