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  1. Los Santos Police Department Pack

    @Virzza mod has been stolen here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/police-and-ems-add-on that is also a rip of this: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11390-police-ems-vehicles-as-add-ons-303-vehicles
  2. [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss

    must be too high poly then
  3. [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss

    I said "messing with it". Of course it's a stock callout. I have had outdated callouts in the past causing crashes with stock plugins.
  4. [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss

    Thanks so much :) Now I just have to deal with the "Pursuit of armed suspects" callout crashing the whole game. Probably an outdated callout plugin messing with it.
  5. [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss

    Completely fixed. Thank you so much. Game ran for 2 hours without a single texture missing. Method: Download and install Paint.NET Get the .ytd file of the vehicle you installed in OpenIV and open it with OpenIV Drag the livery somewhere and open it with Paint.NET (the livery usually has "sign_1" or "sign_2" etc. in the name) In Paint.NET, go to Image > Resize and type in 2048 as the width and the height. Don't worry about the other values. Save and close. The format is DXT5 In OpenIV, make sure edit mode is on. Open the same .ytd again, click import, and click on the livery you found. Click save. Quit and launch game.
  6. [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss

    -SOLVED- Hey, for some reason I get heavy texture loss. Not sure why. The only game files I have replaced (i.e. not addons) are: LSPD Pack BCSO Pack Unmarked CVPI Unmarked Tahoe No peds or anything else was replaced. Video of the issue with graphics settings: PC Part list: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/6LN7d6 The issue doesn't happen as bad when I remove my mods folder. I run GTA 5 off an SSD with about 17% free (80 GB of 480 GB). I have plenty of RAM free in task manager. All my PC components are at normal temperatures (CPU = 40 Celsius, GPU = 75 Celsius). My PC is dust-free. GPU VRAM = 6144MB, usage = 5800 or something MB. I have updated my GPU drivers. My SLI bridge is properly seated. SLI is on. All help is widely appreciated.
  7. LSPD Pack [ELS]

    I will never be able to get over the beauty of this pack. Love it, the effort is so clear. The interiors, lighting, vehicle, so beautiful. Thank you so much I really appreciate this. So glad I decided to refresh my vehicles. 11/10
  8. Visuals too bright!

    Did you make sure to delete your GTA folder when you uninstalled?
  9. vehicles.meta problem!!!

    All I can say is that there is a conflicting vehicles.meta somewhere. Try changing the values in the patchday folder you edited mods/update/x64/patchdayXng/dlc.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5 No other ideas right now. X is the number of the patchday folder you installed it in (e.g. patchday14ng)
  10. Looking for someone to take in game screenshots

    Well, I will need the skins. Also, please either quote me or mention me, otherwise I won't get a notification of your reply. Also, you will have to tell me what vehicles to use as I have a pack with unique templates in my game currently.
  11. Game keeps crashing.

    Woah. They're incredibly important. The temperatures of each component in your computer. Please send screenshots of OpenHardwareMonitor
  12. Looking for someone to take in game screenshots

    Sure :) should be able to do it tomorrow. But no money please. I wouldn't recommend money either, it's asking for a scam, and isn't really worth it over some skins. 4K resolution, max settings. I'll get different times, weathers and locations. Should be about 20 or so screenshots, each will be around 1-2 megabytes.
  13. Game keeps crashing.

    Restarted PC? Checked temps? Try uninstalling CalloutsV it is very outdated. June 23, 2016 was it's last update. We've had a whole LSPDFR update and a whole load of ragehook updates since then.
  14. vehicles.meta problem!!!

    Are you editing vehicles.meta in this location? mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5
  15. Re-install all of his plugins. Then download his dependency, and extract it to your root folder, overwriting the file there.

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