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  1. Six Philadelphia Officers Arrested

    I like it when things like this happen, despite the disappoint we may find in those who protect and serve us. I feel that it sends a strong message to other officers who may be engaging in similar activities that they are not above the law. Living in Philadelphia I'm pleased with the outcome, showing that Philly Police are trustworthy and actively ensure that other officers are professional. It also brings out to the public, in my opinion, that cops are people to - they break the law, just like us; although at times maybe not to such an extreme extent. In conclusion, it really reminds us that the majority of police officers are honest, good people, and it should reflect positively on the Philadelphia Police Department - they're keeping not just the streets clean, but themselves as well!

    Why is this exactly what i wanted for the longest time? Great job, keep up the good work!
  3. The Future...

    I'm helping a friend start up his web hosting and design company, while learning and refining HTML, CSS, PHP and some Javascript. Future Job: A Computer Science Job at the National Security Agency. Something With this Stuff: Computer Network Operations Information Systems Security Vulnerability Discovery Information Assurance Project Management Database Management Telecommunications Real-time Interfaces Information Resource Management Object-oriented Programming Executive Support Graphics Web Design Why I play LCPD:FR? I play it because i've been an avid Role Player since i was young, and have always supported law enforcement and wanted to always be a cop instead of a criminal when i played the Grand Theft Auto series.

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