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  1. The Security Pack [Add-On]

    My mistake, I've edited my comment with the solution, all is well
  2. The Security Pack [Add-On]

    @TheF3nt0n I'm confused with the installation. My OpenIV will not allow me to add the dlc.rpf for some reason. Everything else was simple enough, but my Security folder remains empty. EDIT: Hmm, it worked itself out. Had to restart OpenIV
  3. [ELS] Los Santos PD Mega Pack

    @OfficerFabe Hey just wanted to mention that the Plate Lights on the Unmarked Tahoe are missing a few lights. I can see where there's supposed to be another set, yet they don't light up, only the bottom half of the Plate Lights activate. Great pack other than that though!!!
  4. "Yet"......... Well then, I have much to look forward to
  5. BetterDispatchAudio

    Ah, yes I forgot to actually remove that from the list. I only update Callouts/Plugins that are working on more recent RPH builds. Sorry about that buddy. From what I can tell, this issue occurs whenever the plate is read by the dispatcher with PoliceRadio. Sadly, I haven't found a fix for it. It's not the files themselves that are loud, but something causes the middle section of the plate to be louder whenever the pitch is changed (as with the CustomPitch version of B.D.A.).
  6. BetterDispatchAudio

    Yes I removed the Plate Audio files for the Original Dispatcher, because many people simply didn't like the audio going from the dispatcher in-game, to a dispatcher from NFS. It broke the immersion for some. For now it's on hold, until I can replace more dispatcher audio. Sorry bud EDIT: Also, please remember to always reinstall the audio from this mod, over any plugin that you've updated. Otherwise, the audio from those will overwrite the audio from this. Though there are a few callout packs I haven't updated for yet.
  7. @HanXue I agree with @BlueSteelShield . I love this siren thus far, but it feels as though it should be a slightly longer end to the wail, before it loops again. But either way, great job here!!!
  8. A great idea! Can't wait to see where this goes
  9. I hear you bud. Simply put, go for it!!! The worst they can say is no. But always remember this, just because one Department says no, doesn't you can't be an Officer. There's usually more Police Departments/Sheriff's Offices around you than you might think. Many Officers don't actually live where they work. The Officer I was referring to was actually living in Houston, Texas. But she worked up here in Conroe as a Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputy. Some Officers even move from their home-State to join up with a Department elsewhere. Keep in mind, you have 50 States to choose from, and countless Departments/Agencies within. Good luck buddy, and stay safe out there when you get hired on
  10. Actually yes, I did know a female Officer (won't give out her name) for many years. Why do you ask?
  11. Can someone make me a skin?

    I sadly cannot make a skin to save my life. I can however, toss a few tips your way . Folks will want to know which model you're looking for. An example would be "2011 CVPI by Bxbugs123". I've found a few pics to give the Skin Developer an idea as to what they'll be making. What I cannot find is a good image of the logo on the vehicle, and I also cannot seem to find photos of the same vehicle with all angles covered lol. So I've got 3 different pics to start off with. They're not the best images, but I hope it's a good start and hopefully someone here will make this skin for you. Happy gaming buddy.
  12. Infinite Loading Screen

    Lol just remember that every time GTA 5 has a major update (including DLC) you'll have to do this. Glad it worked though buddy, and happy gaming!
  13. Infinite Loading Screen

    Go into OpenIV (if you use it) and click on "Edit Mode". If a green popup opens near the top asking about a Title Update, go ahead and update. This is most likely your issue. Hope this helps.
  14. BetterDispatchAudio

    Brought it back in the latest update
  15. LSPDFR not loading

    Hmm... Well to start simple, have you tried hitting F4 and typing loadplugin lspdfr ?