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  1. [ELS] Unmarked Mini Pack

    @TAHOE17 You may want to just start linking to the siren lol. So many folks have asked about it (myself included, and thank you for the PM by the way ). The wail is from Modern Siren Pack It's the Whelen Epsilon. Can be found in MODERN SIREN PACK - ALPHA 2.0.7\WHELEN ENGINEERING - UPDATED -\Whelen Epsilon\ It's called 0x1C98C4D5 To have this be the main Police Siren, user must change it to 0x0D329446 (Those are Zeros) If I'm not mistaken, that's what most people are asking about. Great Unmarked Vehicles here man!!!
  2. Hold E stop working after one use.

    Hmm... Well the only way I am ever able to fix it is by aiming a weapon at a ped, arresting them, and after that it works again... Then breaks again lol. It's a known issue. But when you go on duty (or force duty) you are equipped with a Flashlight in you "Unarmed" section of the weapon wheel. You can aim that at anybody, and they will not freak out as they would if you had aimed a firearm at them. That's how I make most of my arrests now. I hope this helps!
  3. Patchdays Etc!!!!

    Hello, I absolutely recommend this mod here by Albo1125. The page has an installation tutorial linked. Once you install this, ALL vehicle models (as in police2) will go here. Once you're more comfortable with that, you can then start adding vehicles that require a .meta file as well, in the same folder. Let me know if you need more assistance.
  4. BetterDispatchAudio

    Hmm... At last glance, this is still working with all Callouts I use. Which are you using that aren't working? (Side note, ALWAYS remember to reinstall the files provided in this mod over the files that you update. If you update any callout pack that uses the lspdfr folder, which is where the audio files are located, then always remember to install this mod again over them.)
  5. BetterDispatchAudio

    There are, but I'm swamped at the moment. I've got quite a bit of catching up to do, and I'm also getting ready to collaborate with another Mod Author who has some great ideas. So I'll try to update everything I can, and have it release around the same time that the other author releases their mod. There is no release window at this time however, as he's also busy. But we'll get there
  6. Great vehicle, especially for a Halloween Patrol lol.
  7. [4K] LSPD Texure Pack (Citrus Heights, CA)

    @CHiPz Well I hate to sit here and add to the requests but..... Would you mind adding one for this vehicle?
  8. Hellertown Borough Police Department Pack

    Thanks Vegas, great models here bud!
  9. Hellertown Borough Police Department Pack

    Na, you're right lol. Just noticed.
    Great truck, great lights, great skin... What's not to love? 5/5
  10. Sorry to hear that buddy. It may not mean much, but we surely support you. Thank you for releasing this vehicle however, as it's honestly the best Silverado mod I've used, and is exactly what I've been looking for.
  11. BetterDispatchAudio

    Hello, Yes I'll go ahead and send you a PM with the alternate download link.
  12. BetterDispatchAudio

    Noted. Thanks Kilyin
  13. BCSO Mini Pack [ELS]

    Sure if you wouldn't mind