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  1. @LVMPDFAN Great pack! Do you mind if I ask which Visual Mod you're using?
  2. Lol I hear you. Just remember to always reinstall my audio over (after) any new plugin you download, including updates to plugins. Those will override mine
  3. So I just found the cause... It's VisualV for whatever reason. Found this out after reinstalling mods one by one. So for now I'll be removing that mod. Hope this helps anyone else who may have the same issue.
  4. Ah, then with the standard, I don't believe those other plugins are in need of an update. But I'll go ahead and look into it for ya :)
  5. Roger that. Do you use the Standard Version or the Original?
  6. Yeah that's an issue with Window Tint believe it or not... If you have a Trainer (if you don't just let me know and I'll provide a link for ya) then open it and go to VehicleOptions/VehicleModMenu and go down to Window Tint. It says "None" by default, but this is untrue. Just change it to tinted, and then change it back to "None". Your lightbar should now work just fine. Hope this helps buddy, happy gaming
  7. I regret to say that whatever it changed, it did not change the Traffic Light durations lol. There is a junctions.pso file in the same location, but I haven't the slightest idea on how to open that one. Tried extracting to .xml, did nothing.
  8. Thanks bud. Yes, I am indeed using a Mods Folder. I'll give it a shot sometime within a day or two and I'll report what happens (or breaks) back here.
    Any mod that attempts to make my game more realistic gets a thumbs up from me. For quality purposes, this mod receives two. Great audio all around, will not be playing without it
  9. Hello all, Quick question, as I have no experience in this area of OpenIV. Couldn't I theoretically speed up the Traffic Lights by changing the values located in Update/Update/Common/Data/Levels/GTA5/Junction.xml ? For example, changing "fcycleduration value" from 30 to say... 10? Just wondering someone else's thoughts on this before I give it a shot. Thanks in any case.
  10. @Mr.Kindness Hey bud, love the pack! Just had a quick question regarding the Spotlight on the CVPI. For me, for whatever reason, whenever I turn on my Emergency Lights, the spotlight comes on and stays on. Cannot turn it off. I see from your video that it is not intended to be this way, and was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding how I might turn it off lol. Thanks in any case for info about this, and have a great day.
  11. Loving this pack!
  12. You may already know this but... On the off chance you don't... You have to start the game by Double Clicking the "RagePluginHook" application. I've personally chosen to make a Desktop Shortcut for this to save myself the hassle of opening up my directory every time. With any luck, this may be the issue.
  13. So I'm experiencing something odd with all vehicles (ELS Enabled) that have a spotlight on them. When I turn on the Emergency Lights, the Spotlight turns on with them, and occasionally flashes. When that happens, it's as if I'm driving with my Brights on lol. Seems highly unrealistic to me. I've honestly never seen that happen on the models I'm using until today. One of which I've used for many months now, though I suppose there's a slight chance I simply didn't notice. If that's the case, does anyone know of a setting (via the .xml or els.config) to turn that off? Or is this some sort of odd bug? Thank you for any help or info in this case, and have a great day!
  14. @NefariousBonne Hey just thought I'd mention that for one reason or another... I cannot Spawn in Sheriff3 or Sheriff4. Both simply say "Invalid Model". What I've done: Installed Vehicles.meta and Carvarations.meta to their respective locations. I've installed the models into Patchday14 (because I don't use R.D.E.) All other models of yours that I've installed are working as intended (Police 1 through 6, Park Ranger, and Sheriff 1 and 2). Just wondering if you have any ideas regarding where exactly I went wrong lol. I'm sure I missed something somewhere, but I'm at a loss. Thank you in any case, and besides those two models I'm LOVING this pack!