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  1. 'Good Music' Thread

    I don't think there's ever been a topic like this on here, at least not one that I can remember. Either way, we'll start fresh. Just post a good song - regardless of how new, old, popular, or unknown it is. Make sure that you post at least one song if you're going to reply, even if you're quoting something. I'll start: Notice: To post a YouTube video, just simply copy and paste the video's link into your post and the site should automatically format it.


    I think it has less to do with the creators themselves and more to do with the way GTA games handle audio files -- the same reason it's impossible to have an accurate CVPI engine sound modification.
  4. LSPDFR Crash on Load

    Please do not thread hijack - create your own topic to receive support. Thanks.
  5. Interesting story (there's a video on top as well): http://news3lv.com/news/local/nevada-highway-patrol-retires-its-last-ford-crown-victoria I think the CHP said the last of theirs will be gone early 2018. I just figured I'd post it for anyone that cares.
  6. Since you solved your issue, I'm going to close this thread to prevent hijacks and/or bumping. If you need this thread reopened, please PM me.
  7. Your best LSPDFR screenshots?

    Please read the new notice posted at the top of the page before posting.
  8. Meet Your Moderator - Kallus Rourke

    It tastes similar to sushi restaurants that basic white girls go to after they get a mocha latte at Starbucks.
  9. Meet Your Moderator - Kallus Rourke

    It's not a lie. We have unearthly delights in the staff forums.
  10. Slow PC

    Upgrade your components, that's really the only way to increase your speed in games. I don't really tend to like the "snake oil" software that tend to claim they will legitimately make your PC faster. As long as you don't have any viruses, and defragment your drive every once in a while, you generally wont see a huge improvement with any software.
  11. Meet Your Moderator - Kallus Rourke

    There is no cake in the hidden forums. But there is seafood. Namely fish and squid.
  12. Grand Theft Auto V Performance Drops

    FYI, issue solved. It turns out Vsync was causing this. I'm buying a Display Port cable since apparently my HDMI cable limits my monitor's refresh rate.
  13. Grand Theft Auto V Performance Drops

    Hey guys, I just wanted to start a new single player play-through in GTA V, something I haven't done in over 2 years. However, I notice that the performance of the game has dropped significantly since I last played it a couple weeks ago (just driving around). I used to be able to run the game on 4K, Ultra Settings with a steady 30 FPS. Now I can't even run the game in 2K on Medium settings without dropping to 20 fps. My specs: Intel Core i7 5820K @ 3.3 Ghz EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Edition 24 GB of DDR4 RAM. I heard that all the DLC's R* is packing into the game is really causing significant performance drops. I'm not sure how true that is, but I wouldn't surprised considering they must be on the 10000000th GTA Online DLC. I can't go under 2K resolution since I have a 2k monitor. Anything less looks really shitty... and I'm not interested in putting all the settings on low... which seems to be the only thing giving me solid FPS. I notice that in areas with significant traffic, my FPS drop like a rock. In areas that have few to no vehicles, my FPS are better (but still not where I'd like it to be). Any ideas? Thanks, Original Light
  14. September 11th

    I think that's an easter egg integrated within LCPDFR itself, not GTA IV. I vaguely remember that, but an interesting find. Thanks for sharing.
  15. AMD/Nvidia GPU's

    May be worth trying, at your own risk. As sixum said, make sure your power supply can handle it. Do some basic math. Add together the power draw of all your current components. Give a "buffer zone" of at least 100W to be safe. Meaning, if you add this second card, make sure your power supply would still have at least 100W of capacity remaining with two cards running at load. You don't want to risk drawing too close to its maximum.
  16. AMD/Nvidia GPU's

    I wouldn't want to mix brands. EVGA programs like PrecisionX may not like it, which you would typically use to enable/disable SLI or a secondary GPU.
  17. How to Increase Performance

    Assuming that you tried everything above, your RAM may be bottle-necking your performance. Generally, an SSD can help performance -- but not so substantial to where it's worth spending the money on. For the amount you can spend buying a decent SSD with good storage, you could upgrade a lot of components on your PC. Buy a couple of RAM sticks (assuming you have a couple of open slots) and see if it makes a difference. Generally, I would think 12 GB of RAM should be more than enough for a game like GTA V on medium-high settings.
  18. How to Increase Performance

    Hi everyone, The last day or so I haven't been playing the game's story line as most of you are (I've already played through it a few times on the old versions), instead I've devoted my time to observing the game's graphic options and characteristics. In general, seeing what I can do to squeeze the best graphics out of it with the best FPS possible. After doing countless reboots and benchmark testing, I've found a few helpful things. Not all of us are able to afford expensive computers, but that doesn't mean you can't enable higher quality graphics. As of now, I am able to run the game on Ultra (1080 resolution) with 40 fps average, sometimes higher. Though on the advanced graphics menu, I have all enabled except the extended distance/shadow sliders all the way down. My hardware: Intel Core i7 960 @ 3.2 Ghz EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked (2 GB) 12 GB of RAM. I consider my rig at least mid grade or entry level high end. All in all, I've found several ways to increase performance: Run in Borderless Window mode. This allows you to turn off VSync, and you also won't have any screen tearing. Easy FPS boost. On the Population Variety Slider, feel free to move it down. This is a very VRAM hungry option. I believe it has to do with the amount of extras on Peds, such as backpacks or items in general, or the variety of vehicles on the street. If I'm wrong please correct me. I moved it down and noticed little to no difference. Use your sacred VRAM on something more useful! Additionally, if anyone is experiencing random performance drops (such as the game locking up, super low 1-5 fps out of the norm) this is likely caused because of overloading. Decrease this to ease your VRAM. I personally suffered from this and decreased the slider to the near bottom (2 notches) and no longer experienced this. NVIDIA cards - Use FXAA instead of MSAA. While it may not look as good, it has nearly no performance cost and I can't really see any difference. Additionally, enable it through your control panel rather than in-game for more FXAA options (different levels mostly), while in game you only have one option, which I assume is 16x. AMD cards should also use their equivalent if they want to increase performance. NVIDIA cards - Go to the NVIDIA control panel. Enable Threaded Optimization, set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 3, and under power management mode, select Prefer maximum performance. Additional note: You may select "Ignore Suggested Limits" to On in the in-game graphic settings menu. This allows you to exceed your VRAM limit. I'm personally around 800 MB over my limit and suffer no issues in regards to performance. For those of you who want the most out of this game graphically, I suggest you do the same. If you prefer to have VSync for any reason, don't enable it in game. Instead, do it through you graphic card's control panel. Along with this, enable Triple Buffering. This helps increase performance while VSync is enabled. Overclocking: Note: Overclock at your own risk. I am NOT responsible for any damage caused to your card. You have been warned! Download the program for your respective card. For us NVIDIA users, I recommend EVGA Precision X. I was able to increase GPU CLOCK OFFSET by 42 MHz, and MEM CLOCK OFFSET by 115 MHz. I have not gone any higher, nor do I plan to as I found the sweet spot for my card. Pushing your card too far may cause overheating, instability, game crashes, and possible damage. You may also increase the fan curve and voltage. Don't mess with voltage unless you know what you're doing. I hope this helps many of you and you can enjoy this amazing game to its highest potential. Also, a special thanks to Murphy and Sniper296 for aiding my research. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply, Nick
  19. That would be a lot of manual labor for us, unless we just moved all locked topics to one section (which is an actual "select all" feature). But for accuracy reasons, I think it would be difficult moving all legitimately solved issues and implemented suggestions into a separate sub-forum.
  20. The Ford Fusion Hybrid Police Responder sedan may be good for very liberal cities like New York City and Los Angeles that want to drink the Democrat Party's Kool-Aid, but I doubt the cops will like those very much. The F150 Police Package is something I do agree with, I believe that goes on sale next year. The future of the Taurus is in the air. It may be discontinued, according to recent articles. Sales keep going down. I imagine they may still produce it for fleet only in the near future, like the Vic was fleet only 2007-2011.
  21. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. But a majority of people consider it to be among the best service cars ever designed. It was roomy, it was cheap, it was durable (and predictable as to what was going to break), and easy to work on. They were also slower than they should have been in the later generation (Ford should have upped the horsepower), and the handling was okay for a large car. Those were the two primary negatives. And they sure as hell didn't look new, either. They kept the same appearance from 1998 to 2011. If you tell someone that you own a 2011 Crown Victoria, they would most likely ask "Ford made 2011 Crown Vics!?!?" Ford chose to neglect the car due to a global shift in increasing SUV sales and smaller FWD/AWD sedans. I know someone who runs a livery service with Lincoln Town Cars (same car, different badge) that put 500,000 miles on the original engine and transmission, other than replacing an intake manifold (they're notorious for leaking after abuse), and timing chains. They were also great taxi cabs after police service. But the main thing is, most of its buyers were fleet buyers (90% in fact in the final model years). The general public did not want the car after the early-mid 2000's (other than the large cult following crowd it has in the United States and elsewhere). That's because it was incredibly outdated. If Ford did update it, I'd imagine it would of had more respectable sales figures compared to the 1980's and 1990's (the best decades for the panther platform in terms of sales). A lot of people here will agree with me, a lot of people will disagree with me. Some people will say the Taurus looks better, the Charger looks cooler, but I can confidently tell you that mechanically speaking (if we're going by engine break-down, straight forward reliability and cost effectiveness) the Crown Vic wins hands down. I'm going to do this using facts, not opinion. It used a cast iron block, low compression V8 engine. Something that is extinct. All newer engines use aluminum. Cast iron is significantly more durable, at the cost of displacing less heat and being heavier. A Ford engineer actually told me this (I knew it before, but he reinforced it). Newer engines will often use cast iron in critical areas, and aluminum in other areas, but it's not really the same. The lower compression ratio means the engine isn't going to be stressed, in comparison to a twin-turbo high compression EcoBoost engine. The transmissions are composed of 4 gears, significantly less moving parts to fail than your new run of the mill 8-speed automatic. The car rests on a body-on-frame platform, built in the same manner as many full-sized pickup trucks and SUV's. This allows for easier repairs after collisions. Yes, the car uses 1970's technology and design. But after reading this post, maybe 1970's technology is better for police work after all? Think about it. I can't sit here and tell you with a smug face that it was the best car ever made, that would be ignorant. But I can sure as hell tell you it's one of the best cars ever made. Every cop I have talked to told me they liked the Crown Victoria better, especially here in Connecticut. Almost 6 years after discontinuation, it's still the second most common police car here in the state next to the Ford Explorer. That has to say something. And we're a rich state with huge police budgets, plenty of room to buy tons of new cars... but they seem to be holding on.
  22. 'Good Music' Thread

    MODERATOR NOTICE: I would like to remind everyone not to double post. Just because this is in the "Forum Games" section does not mean normal rules don't apply. Double posting just to bump this topic is pointless, since threads in this section can still be replied to even if the last reply was over a month ago. This section is "exempt" from our bumping rule.
  23. 2008 Ford F-550 ESU [DEV]

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  24. RWD is best for police use. It's much more reliable, easier to work on, and is best suited for police driving tactics.
  25. To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing it come back. The new Caprice was a good take on its predecessor, it was a V8, RWD, and it was fairly reliable. I doubt Ford is going to be making any new V8 sedans, but if it were a V6 engine, more reliable than the Taurus, and RWD (and most importantly, spacious) it deserves the Crown Victoria badge. I think they could do this simply by stretching the current Ford Taurus, and making it RWD and AWD. Rather than the current choices of FWD or AWD.