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    GTA, Fallout, The Witcher 3, RDR, Assassin's Creed, Battlefiled, and CoD (not the Modern Warfare games), PC Gaming, PS4, Xbox 360 Gaming.
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About Me

Hi, I'm Original Light. I joined back in December 2011, I started to post in January, helping out with support requests and such. In March 2013, I was given a Moderator position. I enjoy helping anyone. If you have any issues regarding anything but LCPDFR or GTA IV support, feel free to contact me. I think of myself as a friendly, outgoing guy, so don't be afraid to talk to me.

Also, I do have an account on GPM, but I prefer to keep the name different than this one, since they practically ban anyone affiliated with LCPDFR.

Right now, I'm in College. I hope to become a Police Officer in a few years. That's what I hope to get into.

Now here's some random stuff about me:
I enjoy helping other LCPDFR members when possible, and if I have the required knowledge on the subject.
I enjoy 60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s music. Even some from the 50s...
I'm different than most people my age in that aspect.
Some groups I like are:
Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Seal, Bad Company, Simple Minds, Fleetwood Mac, Kiss, Steve Miller Band, Ronnie Dio, Danzig, U2, Corey Heart, Eurythmics, Don Henley, Heart, Black Sabbath, Tommy Tutone, The Who, The Guess Who, Rolling Stones, Jimmi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Journey, AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Alice Cooper, ELO, Bon Jovi, The Cure, Peter Frampton, Depeche Mode, Grouplove, Foster The People, and a lot more!
My Xbox 360 Gamer Tag: Original Light1
My Windows Live Gamer Tag (I use this for GTA IV PC): Original Light3
My other Xbox 360 account is Original Light and accidentally got deleted. I was modding the account on the PC with a program called Modio and I had to format the USB to use it. I was really stupid, clicking format... I learned my lesson, and that's what you get for doing it early in the morning - while being half asleep.
My GTA Forums profile is the same name as this one.
If you want to know more, feel free to PM me.

While on here, I've met some good people. This is my so called "respect list", in no specific order:



Tom H




Michael V.









All fellow staff members

Thanks for reading.

NOTICE: Have a problem with something I did relating to moderation? Please PM me and we will sort out any issues.


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