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  1. I've realised that thier hasn't been any "armoured security" releases for GTA, so I decided to make one of those G4S guys in full body armour that are a common sight in the UK. So it should be released soon, let me know what you think.
  2. Great news! The pack is nearly ready for it's 1.0 release, just a few more skins and models to add and then more to come once it has been released as it is only 1.0. Not long to wait I promise just hang on!
  3. BMW 5 Skin released and available for download now!
  4. Police Scotland Pack?

    Hmm, sounds interesting mind me asking what clan?
  5. Police Scotland Pack?

    Hi, I'm currently making a Police Scotland pack and would be more than happy to make a few skins for you. I'm going to refer you to my Police Scotland Pack forum where you can download all of my mods. Also for those vehicles you want send me a private message and pictures of the vehicles you want and I will tell you if I'm able to make them, I will then upload them for you to download. Currently available from my pack are the Sirens and a Scottish Fire Service Engine available here, Siren Download: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/5827... Vehicle Download: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/5825... Yours Sincerely, Alfie LC Oh, and that police car in that picture is being made and will be uploaded very soon. Message me if there is any other vehicles you want and I will make them for you. :)
  6. Police Scotland

    I would be happy to help you with a Police Scotland Pack, actually I've already started one as I think you know, I understand this is an old topic and you may no longer want anyone else to help but I'm more than happy to help with your/our pack. :)
  7. Siren released! Download available here, title="View file named Police Scotland Siren">Police Scotland Siren. Enjoy!
  8. Just a quick update and some major news on the progress of the pack. The first news is the pack's content will now be uploaded individually as well as being in the final pack. The second news is I am setting my goals even higher and am now making not only the Police pack but the whole of Scotland, I'll be uploading making all of the emergency services including "The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service" and "The Scottish Ambulance Service" as well as all of these all of the airport ground units will be reskinned and many many more! Please feel free to ask questions or give suggestions as both are greatly appreciated Alfie LC
  9. Well I thought I'd just tell you guys that I'm working on a Police Scotland pack, I'l be using DD's models as a starting point and I'll move forward from there. I understand that some of you guys really want someone to make a Police Scotland Pack and so did I, so I decided to make my own. I'm going to start off with the Peds and they should be done in the very near future, I'll also include the Siren as I currently have that available for you guys. If you guys have any questions or suggestions feel free to put them in the comments. Yours Faithfully, AlfieLC P.S. Pictures will be uploaded, but I don't know when but just be patient as I've got alot of work to do.

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