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    How many frames do you generally get with this ENB? I have a lower end PC as it appears you do as well. Do you get a steady 30+ FPS or do you get lower frames while using it?
  2. (4K) Los Santos Fire Department

    Looks great! Love the design, the black over red with a little bit of gold thrown in. It looks fantastic. Personally im not the biggest fan of the font that you used in the lettering, but that's just personal preference. They honestly look fantastic!
  3. Unmarked CVPI

    So all you did was make an unmarked skin and configure the els for a model that was already made?
  4. Getting better

    NC Highway Patrol <3
    The models are good but the ELS is broken. It isnt even mapped to the lightbar. It sticks out a bit.
  5. MEGA PACK MEXICO GTA V by SpiderHarper

    Yes but this was posted under GTA IV. It needs to be posted under GTA V not GTA IV.
  6. Whelen CenCom Gold

    gotcha my bad
  7. Whelen CenCom Gold

    this is gta v? it was posten in gta iv?
  8. Fictional LCPD/LCSO skin pack

    Interesting design ideas but definitely room for improvement. Lettering and aligning is off, none of the vehicles have license plates, and the coloring could use some work.
  9. Unmarked Ford Crown Victoria

    Ya the runners could defiantly be causing an issue with the poly count. So could the antennas. However the antennas look quite nice on it.
  10. Unmarked Ford Crown Victoria

    I think it looks great. Personally I wouldn't have chosen runners for this vic. Perhaps just some simple side lighting in the rear doors but not runners for it. Other than that I think it looks like a very well made car!
  11. Thats acutally a trick my friend did for me that TBH i have no clue how to do xD but it can be any color apperently
  12. 2011 Pennsylvania State Police CVPI

    Pretty sure the LB is the only light on the vehicle IRL so thats why he made it like that
  13. Colorado Emergency Services Community

    Pictures from the Colorado Emergency Services Community, both in game on patrol pictures, and cinematic pictures.
  14. BIA POLICE ( Longmire )

    not a fan of the argent light bar but other then that, thats amazing!