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  1. question

    I might take that on, once I release my HCSO pack.
  2. question

    There was an option on the MX that used a ossocilating center light, meaning it went up and down, at the same time it was rotating left and right.
  3. question

    Intersection lights are the sweeping lights on the lower level of the MX7000 in the outter corners .
  4. question

    The car pack I posted is a ELS/Stock hybrid. That means that ELS controls the flash patterns of the non-rotating lights, but the carcols controls the enviromental lighting.
  5. question

    No to toot my own horn, but this might be what you are looking for....
  6. Federal Signal Legend

    ;) Your answer TERMS OF AGREEMENT/USE: By downloading/using this file you agree to include my name if you decide to release/use any of my work. You may NOT edit and re-upload this file. You MAY edit this file and use it to mod/personal use, but may NOT re-upload it.
  7. Soundoff nERGY 400 Electronic Siren

    In love with this siren. Pricefield did an outstanding job with the sounds. I love the slight reverb/echo to it, and the sounds are not distorted at all.
  8. Tacco Highway Callouts

    can you give a hint of where these items are? Still can't seem to find them....Walked all the way down to the water and didn't see anything...
  9. Added Florida Wildlife Commision F-350 to the pack

    This is for my Hillsborough County Sheriff pack.
  10. WIP

    WIP of various things for GTA V.
  11. Tacco Highway Callouts

    Great callouts...the only one I can't figure out/deal with is the one with the drugs thrown over the railing...Looked everywhere, and cannot find the package...
  12. the HCSO pack as it stands now

    ya....completely forgot....Thanks for the reminder! :D
  13. Lundy's sick ass gta v mods

    Not entirely true brother.... In the ELS .vcf for that vehicle, look for the entry that says "default siren" normally it says 3. change it to 1, and the carcol lighting actives as soon as you press the J key.
  14. scene light issue

    No problem!
  15. scene light issue

    If you want to send me the file, I will look at it tomorrow on my off day.

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