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  1. Lundy's sick ass gta v mods

    Not entirely true brother.... In the ELS .vcf for that vehicle, look for the entry that says "default siren" normally it says 3. change it to 1, and the carcol lighting actives as soon as you press the J key.
  2. scene light issue

    No problem!
  3. scene light issue

    If you want to send me the file, I will look at it tomorrow on my off day.
  4. scene light issue

    Yes and no....Yes that the axis has to be centered on One of the parts, no that the axis has to be perpendicular to how it is setup for takedowns. The best way to see how it is done is look at one of the cars in this pack...They are unlocked so just import into Zmodeler. http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16537-st-louis-area-car-pack/
  5. scene light issue

    No problem....Now that is for takedowns...for alley lights the axis needs to be rotated 90 degress so that is is facing towards the outside of the car.
  6. scene light issue

    No! Just the axis of the part.....
  7. scene light issue

  8. Blue lights only with reflection

    The answer to the depends all on whether the vehicle is ELS or Standard, or a mix of both. In all cases you would need to change the emmisive texture to a blue. If the vehicle is ELS you would have to change the reflection colors to blue in the .vcf config file. If the vehicle is stock GTA V (meaning it is pulling the siren information from the carcols) you would need to first find what siren setting the vehicle is using (or create your own) and change each individual siren to a blue color by changing the hex code for the color blue you want. (I used photoshop to pull the hex colors)
  9. scene light issue

    I don't have Zmodeler in front of me here at work, but you have a Red, Green and Blue axis arrows on each part in Zmodeler. The represent your X,Y, and Z axis. Make sure the Blue Z axis is pointing to the rear of the car.
  10. scene light issue

    make sure the blue arrow is pointing towards the rear of the vehicle in Zmodeler. (Of course I was having the same type of issue on my Tahoe....never did figure out why it was happening though)
  11. WIP

    WIP of various things for GTA V.
  12. ELS how to change corona pattern

    Alt 1=Headlights Alt 2=Taillights Alt 3=Front Indicators Alt 4=Rear Indicators Alt 5=Reverse Lights Now be aware, you need to have the ELS control panel open in order to change them
  13. enb2017_10_5_19_53_11.png

    @nichankinson I changed the texture in Zmodeler.
  14. Why no more non-els vehicles as compared to els?

    Agreed. After doing this on the HCSO pack and my Spartan Furion, I have found that I love using the carcols to control the enviromental lighting.
  15. Flwpheonix's parts and cars WIP

    Did yu not check your pms Jonnhy?