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  1. [Request] ELS alternative

    @Asahammer ELS isn't dead. The developer just never updates it for sometimes years on end. People most likely won't make an ELS alternative. Someone did once and it didn't go great... or well what-so-ever and it ended up getting taken down. I agree with the disappointment on ELS. I thought we would have more features, improvements, etc from GTA IV. Best I can recommend is Siren Mastery.
    Amazing model. Love the light setup you have going. Should add an unmarked livery, I think the lighting setup fits it.
  2. I understand that they want people to remember to slow down but... Just stop... Please.
  3. 24"+ single monitor suggestions

    I'm not even sure if you can put the game on both screens. I have two monitors and I'm never going back. I mainly use my second for watching YT while on the internet or playing games other than GTA. But if your heart is set on a single monitor some good brands to look at are Samsung (this is my primary monitor), Benq (this is my secondary), Asus is okay (I've never used it myself and from what I understand about their other products you either love them or hate them), and Acer is pretty good. I've never even heard of Viotek and 99% of the time it's a low quality, overpriced product, and most likely a rip off of a better product.
  4. boomboomboomboom

    I think we both know the answer to that question.
  5. Oh yeah I've seen it. It must've been posted in 2013, but filmed in 2011. The original was posted in 2011.
  6. [RDE] BCSO based on Imperial County

    Beautiful liveries. High quality and well done. Love it keep it up.
  7. Lspdfr is a virus ?

    Not a problem man.
  8. Lspdfr is a virus ?

    I see what you're saying. But Malwarebytes does a pretty good job. But of course there's no way to know for sure. Just remember the simplest answer is usually the most correct one. In my opinion people need to stop being scared of the scary monster virus hiding under the bed.
  9. Lspdfr is a virus ?

    I'm not saying in relation to his current problem. I've run no virus protection for years, and have pretty much never gotten a virus. All virus protection does is cause problems (at least in my experience).
  10. Lspdfr is a virus ?

    No it's not a virus. Some Antiviruses show it as one. As a veteran in GTA modding here's my advice to you: Uninstall all of your virus protection (including the ones integrated into Windows). As long as you're not an idiot you'll be fine. Remember the best virus protection is you.
  11. What happened to my face? WHAT HAPPENED? HELP!

    That my friend, is what we call a stroke.
  12. Which siren is that?

    That my friend, is a Federal Signal PA 500. It has a manual, wail, and yelp. However it seems CHP doesn't use the manual. It's most likely because they're using a custom controller on their older cars. However on newer cars they have their siren controlled hands free on their MDT. It appears they have no airhorn.
  13. Good PC for V & Police Mods?!

    That works. So you're actually getting a good deal. Basically you're paying the same amount if you were to custom build the same machine. It will run GTA, How well? I have no clue. But it'll run it and it's a good deal. If that's your budget, and you think it will work I'd say go for it.
  14. Good PC for V & Police Mods?!

    Still says doesn't exist.