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    Be a Law Enforcement Officer or Military some day. Working out, Playing GTA IV LCPDFR.
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Welcome to my profile!----------


I discovered LCPD:FR about a 2 years ago, but I never made a profile on this website. I had a profile for about 2 days then I never used it again, but this one is here to stay :). I have started to make skins from the state of Massachusetts, although some wont be great, its fun. I am also making Mods or Plugins for a game called Minecraft! Check out my YouTube for some of the projects. I am experimenting and trying to GTA IV Mods compatible with LCPD:FR.


I am also a Xbox LIVE/Community Ambassador Rank 11! Have a problem with your console? PM me!


My YouTube



If you wan't my Skype, Windows LIVE/Xbox LIVE Gamertag, Twitter, etc. PM me.


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