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  1. [ELS] San Andreas State Police Vehicle Pack

    Awesome pack. Love the lighting setup... my only issue is that the FPIU seems to use its very own template. Can't seem to find one for it anywhere online. I would love it if you could make a slicktop version of the 2014 Charger and the FPIS and if you could change the push-bar to one with wrap-arounds (or make the wraps an extra so you can choose whether you want them or not).
  2. [ELS] LSPD Mega Pack

    Goose Creek Police themed decals? Interesting.

    Great attempt, and for some this may work... but I won't be using either of these just based on the equipment you decided to use. I really, REALLY wish someone would make a good quality traditional slicktop Caprice. Hell, I'll take one with no deck or grille lights or any of those other extras... just a good looking Whelen Liberty and that's it, just like this (also see rear pic). I don't understand why every single one has to either be a Christmas tree or some outlandish lighting setup. Tons of well-known developers keep promising a Caprice, and seemingly never get around to it too... I tried learning to make models and could never get the hang of it, but just the possibility of one day having an average Caprice PPV to use in my game makes it worth another shot...
  4. USAF Security Forces FPIS [ELS]

    Look man, I'm not going to keep arguing with you. The whole point of my original comment is that Black Jesus likely saw a picture of the license plate and mistook the G for a 6, and more than anything, I was just being a smartass. If you want that badly to wrap yourself up in your DD214, crack open a cold one, and smile at the thought that all Air Force vehicles have an AF designation, and that some random guy on the internet is a moron who likes lying about license plate codes for God knows what reason, then hey, you go ahead. Just remember to hydrate.
  5. USAF Security Forces FPIS [ELS]

    I think I know the job I've been doing for 12 hours a day the last 4 years. G41, G43, etc are, as I said, GSA LEASED vehicles. Blue-fleet vehicles (those that aren't leased but are actually OWNED by the AF have an AF identifier.
  6. USAF Security Forces FPIS [ELS]

    Just thought I'd throw it out there for minor detail's sake... license plate code would be "G43" not "643." That style of US Gov't Plate (along with G-series codes e.g. G41, G43, etc.) are for GSA-Leased assets... basically every DoD non-tactical vehicle in this day and age. Source: I manage vehicles in the Air Force... also this.
  7. [ELS] LSFD Battalion Chief Tahoe

    Broad generalization... mine does, and so do several others in my area. Even EMS uses them on supervisor units. They're just as useful in Fire as they are in Law Enforcement application... push disabled vehicles, force a gate, gain better sound and visibility of sirens and lights by mounting speaker and lights externally... the list goes on! Making making it an extra would please everyone!
  8. Chevrolet Caprice Police epic lights [ELS]

    Christmas is over bud, you can take down your tree. ;) Good work though, we always appreciate a new caprice. I'd certainly be ecstatic if you could do away with the side runners and exterior lightbar!
  9. Paleto Beach Tahoe Livery

    Based on Folly Beach Public Safety?
  10. SmarterPolicing

    Will it work with RPH .45? I've been way too lazy to update all my files...
  11. Whelen CenCom Gold

    Off topic, do you use any graphics mods? Your graphics look so much better than mine, but I have nearly everything maxed out with a GTX 1070...
  12. Tri-County Vehicles

    Pics to show off the textures I've created for the "tri-county" area surrounding Charleston, South Carolina.
  13. Larimer County Vehicles

    Images promoting my recent Larimer County vehicle texture pack.