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  1. Hey love this idea. Getting sick and tired of being trampled because i try and arrest someone. My question is; Does this keep peds calm while in there cars? So I dont like, get plowed over by a random ped? Looking forward to using this!
  2. [ELS] New York State Police CVPI Pack

    I absolutely love this model! 5 *!
  3. Keep in mind...When RPH updates and the mods dont, there might be issues. Crashes should stop once he updates his mods with the current RPH.
  4. Dim ELS LED's

    You can close this as I have resolved the issue.
  5. Dim ELS LED's

    I have a graphics enhancer, ENB, and ELS enhancer and I still have this issue. I've edited some of my visualsettings and still with this issue. Ive searched and tried multiple things. Redownloaded ELS, uninstalled/reinstalled advancedhook. Only using 1 car, no plugins, Player Location Display, No other Mods.
  6. Traffic Control

    Ahhhh I love this mod. Wish it would be updated. Sometimes it works with no issues and a lot of the time it crashes. No crashes when it's not installed. I'll be watching for an update! Keep up the good work :D
  7. Dim ELS LED's

    I completely removed my Mods folder. Deleted. I opened Steam and did a file integrity check and required 3 files. From there I Installed 1 car model, and Radiance V which is just a Visualsettings.dat I THINK the issue is I put the visualsettings into the wrong path. Path I use now for visualsettings is GTA V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data and the issue was resolved.
  8. Dim ELS LED's

    Thanks. Going to go for this.
  9. Dim ELS LED's

    Just noticed while readding the car, the readme says "no tint fix applied" Maybe thats the issue? Im going to try a different car. I deleted my update in my mods folder. Not gonna add any GFX enhancers yet.
  10. Dim ELS LED's

    Alright, how do I uninstall something that was installed by the Open IV package installer? visualsettings.dat
  11. Dim ELS LED's

    I may try the Radiance V to see if that makes a difference. But I used OpenIV package installer to install the Make Visuals Great Again B.S. So not sure if it will have any conflicts.
  12. Dim ELS LED's

    Yeah.......This isn't the first time I've done this.
  13. Dim ELS LED's

    No luck
  14. Dim ELS LED's

    Same issue
  15. Dim ELS LED's

    Still same issue
  16. Dim ELS LED's

    Alright I'll post updates. EDIT: You know I was looking at defaultlight and was like "Nahh that cant be it" and skipped it lol
  17. Dim ELS LED's

    All my stuffs on high. Im using this one I found on another topic on here somewhere. visualsettings.dat
  18. LSPDFR crash help

    Not really. Also, I had the SAME issue. Start the game go on duty, 10-15 mins id crash but with no log showing me what caused it. I removed Entity persistence and I played for like a solid 30 mins and quit the game on my own. We'll just have to wait for an update to the plugin. I have the option to update from Windows 10 to the creators update. I have NOT done that.

    I got it all figured out as I mentioned in the edit in my post above. I also know you don't need to go to a police station to spawn a car..as I mentioned above as well :P

    Figured my issue out! Looks great :D 10/10 would bang

    Love the look. Based on all of the comments concerning installation I have everything installed correctly. When in game to test I just open rage console and spawn police. But the only thing that seems to work is the brake lights alternating. Does it matter if my path is in a /mods folder? Do I need to go to a police station and choose the car that way? .xml is in pack_default And the ELS config reads [ ADMIN ] VcfContainerFolder = pack_default So...what am I doing wrong? The car itself looks great It just seems I'm having issues with ELS. Possible? Edit: poking around my GTA folder I found the asi isn't loading ELS.
  22. I know NPC's can pick them up. I've only seen one instance where an AI drove to an alley and got his grind on. Haven't seen once since. Anyone know where NPC's pick up most? I want to do a prostitute sting series.
  23. Why is this happening? LSPDFR 0.2b help!

    It appears there site is down. Check periodically at http://ragepluginhook.net/ If you get into the site it will ask you to allow cookies. Do that. Then at the top you'll see 'Downloads' and the most recent version of rage will be at the top. Under it will be the release date.
  24. Explain this weirdness

    Original video location: YouTube Long story short..ANPR hit callout ends with no crash..just stops working as you'll see in the vid..tried to get reaction out of suspects 1 of which carrying a Jerry Can, put them both down, last bullet or 2 struck Jerry Can, exact moment of explosion a guy appears in my drivers seat, on fire, screaming, gets out..i fire my pistol once and he dissipates in thin air. wut.
  25. Lspdfr only 3 kinds of crime

    Click Here for LSPDFR plugins with more callouts and other fancy stuff to use with your game. Don't forget to back-up game files!

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