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  1. Hey love this idea. Getting sick and tired of being trampled because i try and arrest someone. My question is; Does this keep peds calm while in there cars? So I dont like, get plowed over by a random ped? Looking forward to using this!
  2. [ELS] New York State Police CVPI Pack

    I absolutely love this model! 5 *!
  3. Keep in mind...When RPH updates and the mods dont, there might be issues. Crashes should stop once he updates his mods with the current RPH.
  4. Dim ELS LED's

    You can close this as I have resolved the issue.
  5. Traffic Control

    Ahhhh I love this mod. Wish it would be updated. Sometimes it works with no issues and a lot of the time it crashes. No crashes when it's not installed. I'll be watching for an update! Keep up the good work :D
  6. Dim ELS LED's

    I completely removed my Mods folder. Deleted. I opened Steam and did a file integrity check and required 3 files. From there I Installed 1 car model, and Radiance V which is just a Visualsettings.dat I THINK the issue is I put the visualsettings into the wrong path. Path I use now for visualsettings is GTA V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data and the issue was resolved.
  7. Dim ELS LED's

    Thanks. Going to go for this.
  8. Dim ELS LED's

    Just noticed while readding the car, the readme says "no tint fix applied" Maybe thats the issue? Im going to try a different car. I deleted my update in my mods folder. Not gonna add any GFX enhancers yet.
  9. Dim ELS LED's

    Alright, how do I uninstall something that was installed by the Open IV package installer? visualsettings.dat
  10. Dim ELS LED's

    I may try the Radiance V to see if that makes a difference. But I used OpenIV package installer to install the Make Visuals Great Again B.S. So not sure if it will have any conflicts.
  11. Dim ELS LED's

    Yeah.......This isn't the first time I've done this.
  12. Dim ELS LED's

    No luck
  13. Dim ELS LED's

    Same issue
  14. Dim ELS LED's

    Still same issue
  15. Dim ELS LED's

    Alright I'll post updates. EDIT: You know I was looking at defaultlight and was like "Nahh that cant be it" and skipped it lol

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