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  1. Explosion at Ariana Grande concert

    There's an unsettling feeling around Manchester, you don't truly realise how horrific acts like these affect a community, a city. Until they happen in the place were you live. When you see attacks on the news it feels so far away in France, Germany and Belguim and the threat doesn't feel truly real. As more news comes out about the attack it gets even more unsettling. I know people who were there, my friends, family of colleagues. Even I could have been right outside that night if I had met my friend after they finished work. I went to the vigil yesterday and the city felt different. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.
  2. GTA IV LCPDFR game wont start!

    Good to hear! All audio files are imported like this.
  3. Problem with lcpdfr

    Launch of the party? Also what version of LCPDFR are you using?
  4. Error in Script LCPDFR_Loader.Loader

    Could you post your LCPDFR log. It should be located in the GTAIV directory as a text document called "LCPDFR". Also have you run the LCPDFR diagnostics tool?
  5. GTA IV LCPDFR game wont start!

    Here's a tutorial with examples (in spoiler).
  6. Problem with lcpdfr

    MSVCR110.DLL (exists in game folder, but is expected to be in systems folder only) You need to delete the MSVCR110.DLL file in the GTAIV directory. Also I do believe LCPDFR requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (you said you only installed 2012 and 2013) which can be found here - https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=5555
  7. GTA IV LCPDFR game wont start!

    Then you need to remove the .IVAUD file extension from the mod file and then import it as you would normally.
  8. lights on the floor

    once you've reinstalled ELS, run the game.
  9. lights on the floor

    I can't think of a reason it's still red, make sure you're using ELS 8.5, try reinstalling ELS 8.5 and use the ELS settings from the mod. Honestly I can't think of a reason why its still red.
  10. lights on the floor

    It should be for all the vehicles included in the mod actually.
  11. lights on the floor

  12. lights on the floor

    YES! They should
  13. lights on the floor

    Put these files into your ELS folder, these are the ones I use. (still from the mod your using) ELS.zip
  14. lights on the floor

    That should be working with no issue.
  15. GTA IV LCPDFR game wont start!

    Are you using OPENIV? If so you need to remove the .IVAUD from the sound mods filename before you import them.