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The Story of Cheezy

Some of you may know me as Cheezy, but yet some of you probably know my real name. If not no worry! Today Is the day you finally get to know my name, Most people call me Ty or Tyler which Is my birth-name my mother gave to me on that lovely morning I was brought Into the world. At first my parents were going to name me something weird that started with an M.. But the reason why people call me Cheezy all started back In highschool, I had an terrible cheese problem I pretty much ate, lived an slept cheese. ( I am just kidding people). But seriously I use to add more cheese onto food that was possible, because who doesn't like cheese? Well people that are lactose don't ;)

The Hobbies of the great Cheezy

I enjoy many hobbies, mostly ones that Involve not getting out of bed or Netflix. But like really who doesn't enjoy those types of hobbies? I spend 95% of my time / day working on either my gaming or my video making passion. When I am not doing any of those things listed above I am probably re-watching old TV-shows that make me laugh or kill time. My newest hobbies recently have been web design & post apocalyptic video game an movies. Which In a shorter term means I play H1Z1 like Its a religion.

The CheezyTheNerd 

For the people here that know me as CheezyTheNerd I am the great Cheezy that Is All.



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