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  1. [WIP] L.S. Noir

    Most of the delay has been from me (as you can probably tell from the lack of new articles on the front page). That should be changing this week since I'm pretty well settled now and will start having more free time. This morning I was working on this part for our newest stage -- stakeout. The images from this "camera" are actually saved in the case file and you'll be able to check them out in the computer to see them! But I promise, it's coming "soon"!
  2. For the first iteration of “Meet your Mod” we’ve decided to meet with @Kallus Rourke. A moderator who had so much enthusiasm to do this interview he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer! A member for a while, let’s check out his profile! (10/10 rhyming game strong) Introduce yourself to us. Who do you think you are? Hello! My name is Kallus, or just Kal. I am 26, and live in the central part of the US. What type of music do you listen to? I’ll listen to mostly anything except rap. I’ll mainly listen to rock, whether it be modern or classic. My music library is quite expansive. Do you have any pets? I have one dog, a Shih-Tzu who is spoiled rotten! When did you join LCPDFR.com and why did you join our community? I joined LCPDFR.com on April 6th of 2016 for the same reason as most, to get support. I had been brand new to modding at the time and had no clue what I was doing. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I collect quite a few things ranging from Funko Pops to Airsoft guns, and even knives! (this includes real life CS:GO knives.) What made you want to join the Community Team as a moderator? I am a very community-oriented person, so if I find one that I enjoy and want to dedicate my time to, I will try to be staff so I can help that community and give back to it to the fullest extent that I am able to. What has your experience been like so far being a moderator? Horrible. Will works me to the bone! Really, though, it has been incredible! The one thing I was hoping for was that it’d keep me busy, and it certainly has! I’m honored that I am able to help represent this community and the values of LCPDFR.com. In the short amount of time I’ve been a moderator, I feel like I’ve already gotten to know and become family with the other staff. Some of the crazy discussions we have brighten my day. Alright, the hard question. What is your favorite modification (besides LC/LSPDFR) is on this site? T0y’s Goose Creek inspired LSPD pack Manual Reload https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/manual-reload Baka’s Weapon Sounds http://www.gtainside.com/en/gta5/mods/88888-bakas-realistic-weapons-sounds/ What other games do you play besides LSPDFR? I have a crap ton of games that I try to play regularly, but the main ones would be American Truck Simulator, 7 Days To Die, Rainbow Six Siege, and Notruff 112. We know you spend hours “working” here with us, but what do you do in “real life”? I work from home in health insurance. I know, borrrriinngg! Do you have any tattoos? Yep, I have five! I just got the fifth one on the 12th. What do you think you’d like to see in the next version of LSPDFR? I’d like to see more ambient police. Once we’re on duty, we rarely ever see officers patrolling on foot or in their vehicle. For me personally, this kills the immersion and roleplay. What do you prefer: a lore or realistic looking GTA environment? As long as it’s realistic looking (Looks like the actual Crown Vic, not the Stanier), I don’t care what department or even what country the vehicles are from. I really can’t stand the vanilla look of the game. Have you enjoyed your time on the Community Team? What’s been the best experience from it? I’ve loved every second of it thus far, and I no doubt will continue to. My best experience is ongoing, because every day I am getting the opportunity to help people and doing my best to project LCPDFR.com as a friendly, welcoming place for everyone, especially brand new modders. Do you have any tips for community members that might want to be moderators or Community Team members in the future? If you want to be a moderator, you need to ask yourself if you want it for the right reason. Being a moderator is not about having a title, fancy color, or powers. Those are merely extra perks. Being a moderator is about the community and doing what you do FOR that community. If you want to be a moderator because you love the community, you’ll show your interest in being a moderator without even realizing it, and that will go a long way. I heard there’s cake (cake emote) in the hidden forums. Share with us? Sorry, the cake is property of my belly. That’s all the time we’ve got, folks! I hope you enjoyed getting to know your moderation team. I would like to thank @kallusrourke for participating in this interview as well as the members who let us use their amazing screenshots! Screenshots (in order of appearance) (Icon) Ukloo Constable Lego Mikofiticus ausavin26
  3. Meet Your Moderator - KallusRourke

    Welcome to the newest addition to our article rotation, “Meet your Mod”. Sometimes you might have no interaction with a moderator (let’s be real, you’re all perfect angels) so we decided to change that! The first victim moderator up to bat is @Kallus Rourke, let’s see if he hits a home run!
  4. Hello! I'm currently in the process of rewriting the mod, so stay tuned!
  5. LSPDFR Computer+ Not working...kinda

    Please reinstall RagePluginHook as it looks like you're missing the files "cursor_32_2.png" and "DefaultSkin.png".
  6. Welcome to “Under Construction” - the review of what will be coming soon to LCPDFR.com. For this month, we’ve decided to focus on two themes with a total of five modifications! Vehicle Modifications Ontario Provincial Police Department Pack - @t0y One of our favorite modelers is coming out with a complete vehicle pack focused in good ole’ Canada. This pack by toy will include four cars, accurately modeled to the standards of the OPP. We all love having some new cars to play around with, especially a whole new pack! This pack includes a few CVPI variants, Chargers, Tahoes, and the Ford Interceptors. We all love vehicle packs, but what better than a pack with ped textures! That’s right, folks, this pack will truly be comprehensive by including all your OPP needs: vehicles with textures and peds! Los Santos will soon have a new law enforcement agency ready to take down those criminals. Watch out LSPD, the OPP are coming! Find out more information at the WIP page here: http://lcpd.fr/toyWIP New York Police Department Pack - @OfficerWalters Now that the OPP are are on their way, we’ve had reports from Walters that the NYPD are opening a branch in San Andreas. This will be the first complete mega-pack for the NYPD since the days of LCPDFR (which was released over 7 years ago...), and it will be the first NYPD pack to see the action of Los Santos. This pack will be an accurate pack which includes replicas of almost the entire NYPD fleet. Yes, that’s right – this will include a NYPD tow truck and even a prisoner bus! Thanks to ELS supporting rotators, many vehicles will have rotating lights. When you get tired of the city and decide to move to the highway, Walters has you covered. The NYPD Highway Patrol will be equipped with their famous Highrisers that work! Find out more information at the WIP page here: http://lcpd.fr/waltersNYPD Los Angeles Police Department Pack - @Scuderio Yesterday might have been leg day but today is pack day (in case you couldn’t tell). Now we’ll be taking a look at the pack that is based off the LAPD. Accuracy is the name of the game, and Scuderio is on the top of the leaderboard. Almost all the vehicles the LAPD use will be replicated including equipment, extra parts, and even K9 vehicles. To make your life easier, some cars will be able to use the in-game tuning parts to place extras. For you old-school people like myself, there will still be other versions with the normal extra system. Cool, huh? It’s amazing how far modding has come! These vehicles will utilize ELS and will include accurate light stages that are as close to the real thing as can be. Don’t believe me that this is going to be amazing? See for yourself below. Find out more information at the WIP page here: http://lcpd.fr/scudsLAPD Scripts Automatic Roadblocks - @khorio Sick and tired of pursuits going forever? Tried to make a roadblock yourself but got angry with the AI smashing into the side of your vehicle? Me too. Luckily, we have khorio around to save the day! His new modification, Automatic Roadblocks, is a modification that will provide roadblocks anywhere in San Andreas! Using a newly developed road detection algorithm, the vehicles will be placed perfectly across any road. These roadblocks will escalate depending on the pursuit aggressiveness and can even include spikestrips if the need arises. Oh, you wanted customizability? He’s done that too! Automatic Roadblocks will have a fully customizable modern UI. Oh, now you want advanced pursuit updates? Oh, you even want 2700 scripted lines for it? Well, too bad. Not only are you getting advanced pursuit updates but you’ll also be getting updates with over 2700 scripted lines! I see. That’s amazing and you’re super excited, but you also want the ability to shut down the road on your own now? Good thing khorio has also added support for that! An integral part of Automatic Roadblocks, Shut The (censored) Road Down will properly close off lanes, areas, or entire roads without the amazing AI crashing through. This part also allows you to edit the barriers, cones, or flares used! Vehicle Gadgets+ - @alexguirre Ever wanted to have a working fire ladder? Of course you do, why would I ask that?! The real question is, did you forget to extend the outriggers on your ladder truck before you started going up the ladder? Well, with Vehicle Gadgets+ by our very own alexguirre you will be able to ensure you extended those outriggers and even extend a ladder! This new mod adds features that vehicle modelers can utilize simply by editing meta files and adding special parts onto their vehicles. Modelers – get ready to add awesome things to your models! This is a unique type of script we’re featuring today, as it requires custom-made models to utilize the features! It’s important to remember that while this seems like a small mod, it’s being expanded! You can find out more information at the WIP page here: http://lcpd.fr/alexguirreVehGadgets ***If you think that something you are working on should be featured here, please PM me on LCPDFR.com!***
  7. Woohoo! We have finally reached 250,000 members - a cool milestone for sure, and what better way to celebrate than by showing off some of the equally as cool things that our community is working on? Check out this month's article for an in-depth look at some of the new modifications by members @t0y, @OfficerWalters, @Scuderio, @khorio and @alexguirre that are under construction!
  8. The Multi-Purpose CVPI

    This car?
  9. [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    So sad to see such an amazing plugin go. I was really enjoying the beta and all the amazing features you've worked on. I suppose it's worth it to have such an advanced training simulator for our military, though.
  10. [WIP] L.S. Noir

    Just a heads up to you all I have officially released my beta to the testers! I'll be working on implementing a system for the second callout, murder, while they tear apart that version. If you want access to the beta, check out www.fiskey111mods.com
  11. Better EMS

    Absolutely a must-have plugin for LSPDFR. The quality and features are matched by no other plugin to date. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. If you're a player, you won't be able to live without it. If you're a developer, you NEED to add support for this (if applicable).
  12. [WIP] L.S. Noir

    Forgot to mention that I updated this, haha! Check the original post for the most recent updates! Definitely! I'm planning on starting out with 3 cases just to get some opinions, then I'll expand from there! Plus I'll be adding an API most likely, so that should help too!
  13. Welcome to the second edition of our series, "Under Construction"! Here, we will focus on highlighting new modifications that are in the works, giving you a first look at all the latest development including any features, pictures or other cool information! For this edition, I’ve broadened our horizons a bit to focus on a few different type of modifications: Florida Highway Patrol Pack by TaylorSwift Albuquerque Police Department Pack by Him1250 Development Crown Victoria Police Interceptor by theHurk LSPD Texture Pack by NeonLazer Emergency Uniforms Pack by Alex_Ashfold, PieRGud, and AlexBraun San Andreas Record Data Access System by sloosecannon Police Partner 2.0 by Darkmyre L.S. Noir by Fiskey111 and LtFlash Read on to find out all the sweet details regarding these works of art!
  14. Welcome to “Under Construction” - the review of what will be coming soon to LCPDFR.com. For this month, I’ve decided to focus on four themes with a total of eight modifications! Vehicle Modifications Florida Highway Patrol Pack by @TaylorSwift I don’t think we’ve ever seen a pack focused on FHP that’s been this realistic. TaylorSwift has spent his time focusing on making each detail of these models replicate the real FHP cruisers. Almost all of the equipment has been modeled accurately, including interior equipment, lightbars, and even the antennas! You probably noticed the textures are amazing, but did you know that the FHP makes various small changes each year to each car? Well you will be noticing that now since TaylorSwift even worked to make each texture match its real-life counterpart including reflective markers on the rambar that actually reflect in-game lights! What else could possibly top this? Well, how about the fact that the final pack should have anywhere between 8-10 vehicles in total- all of which will be amazing quality! Looks like you better set up that addon DLC; you’ll be needing the room! You can find TaylorSwifts WIP page here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/67169-2016-florida-highway-patrol-pack/ Albuquerque Police Department Pack by @Him1250 While we’re discussing vehicle packs, we can’t ignore the fact that Him1250 has been hard at work making a comprehensive APD pack. Consistent with TaylorSwift, the interior equipment, lighting, and every minor detail is almost an exact replica of their real-life counterparts. Do you know how the APD mounts lighting? Well, download this pack and you’ll see how! Curious to know the interior consoles the APD use? Check the models! As you can tell, the theme here is realism and quality. If you’re aiming for realism, equipment is important. However, something that gets overlooked often are the light patterns. Not in Him1250’s pack! He’s focused on also ensuring the flash patterns are accurate to those used by the real APD. All we’ll be needing now is an APD uniform and you’ll be ready to patrol the streets of Los Santos Albuquerque! You can find Him1250’s WIP page here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/67015-him1250s-new-mexico-top-secret-atomic-mods/?do=findComment&comment=465726 Development Crown Victoria Police Interceptor by @Thehurk Those two packs will be some of the first to contain a brand new development model: theHurk’s new CVPI. This model will bring vehicle modding into the HD Universe for real. Quality is the name of the game now. theHurk’s model will include an HQ engine to ensure your engine looks like the real thing. Each part of the CVPI was individually separated, mapped, and had textures made. This ensures that the parts not only have accurate materials but also accurate specmaps which make the part look absolutely realistic in game! With 48 hours plus working on this project, theHurk has ensured each detail meets his normal standard for quality. In case you have yet to notice, each model he has created has great attention to detail with a focus on quality. Don’t believe me? Check out these screenshots! Oh, and did I mention this will be a public development model? Now that’s great for the community! Vehicle Textures LSPD Texture Pack by @NeOnLaZeR Not interested in real life departments? Prefer more lore-friendly textures? Well, NeOnLaZeR has returned from his hiatus and is hard at work making absolutely beautiful LSPD textures! These don’t fall far from his norm -- high quality skins for a ton of vehicles! You might be asking “Which vehicles will these fit on??”. Well, I can tell you that he’s covering most of the newly released ELS vehicles. So it looks like your new fleet of ELS cars will have beautiful matching textures to go with them! Oh, and did I mention these are 4K skins? (Note this has been released but I still wanted to feature it since I added this while it was being developed!) You can download this here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14987-lspd-pack-3/ Ped Modifications Emergency Uniforms Pack by @Alex_Ashfold, @PieRGud, and @AlexBraun Grand Theft Auto V introduced a large number of ped models, including the multiplayer model - something that is absolutely fantastic. What did they miss? Well, they missed the service sector! But don’t worry - Alex_Ashfold, PieRGud, and AlexBraun have got you covered! In Emergency Uniforms Pack you will have the opportunity to dress your character in a number of uniforms whose quality is second to none. The detail is phenomenal; each uniform is meticulously made and has numerous additional details! The newest version to be released “soon” (when it’s ready) will have numerous updates. Winter apparel, headgear, and body armor all were improved by adding little details (badges, keys, accessories) or by completely overhauling the outfit making them even better than before! Do you like to shop for accessories? Well, EUP has you covered! Armor, badges, holsters, belts, and radios are just some of the accessories added to your arsenal. Wondering how you will be equipping this assortment of accessories? Well - you will be using their shiny new user-friendly menu! This will allow you to customize your uniform by selecting your department, rank, division, extras, and more! Plain clothes gear has also been added, so when you want to go undercover you are able to! Lore-friendly departments also are added, with RDE 3.1 department support included (e.g. FIB Police, Port Authority, etc). Finally, you won’t be limited to police any longer; now you’ll have access to EUP - Serve & Rescue! Included with EUP will be a host of non-law enforcement apparel including EMTs, firefighters, security, Coast Guard, public workers, etc. With all these choices you better be ready to try them all! (*Note, each image for EUP is a .gif - to have it cycle through, select the image to open it; after done viewing you can press your browser's back button once to return to this post*) You can find more information in the gallery page here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/gallery/album/4219-emergency-uniforms-pack-wips/ Script Modifications San Andreas Record Data Access System by @sloosecannon Remember that old laptop you bought for college that has less processing power than your iPhone does now? Well, dust that puppy off and update those drivers, because now there’s a use for it besides being a reminder of how far technology has come! Introducing SARDAS by sloosecannon, an application/plugin that will bring your second computer to life! SARDAS brings the functionality of ped and vehicle searches to your other computer. “Why would I want this?” you might ask -- well, if you’re a person who enjoys being semi-realistic, then you might find it fun to use your second computer as your own personal “MDT”! Oh, and did I mention that it actually ties into your game?? That’s right- John Smith, the guy you just pulled over for slamming into your car while you were running radar will be the same John Smith you search on SARDAS. Also, expect to see some integration with other plugins you might be running! You can find more information at the WIP page here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/70946-wip-san-andreas-record-data-access-system-real-world-access-to-your-lspdfr-ped-records/ Police Partner 2.0 by @Darkmyre Sick and tired of waiting for backup to arrive at your shooting? I mean to be fair they were probably at Burger Shot enjoying their lunch, so how dare you interrupt them. Well, wait no longer! Coming soon to your patrol car will be your own best friend! Not only can you tell him what to do, but he actually listens! Police Partner 2.0 by Darkmyre will bring your patrol-buddy to a whole new level. The AI for your partner has been vastly improved, ensuring he won’t just stand off to the side daydreaming of watching fame or shame. You can even put him to work now, giving him orders during traffic stops so you can focus on daydreaming about watching fame or shame! Don’t want to deal with a person? Prefer those with 4 legs? Well, wait no longer! You’ll be able to ride along with your furry friend who can sniff out vehicles to detect drugs! Wait, you don’t want to share him? Too bad! You’ll have to share when you get the new K9 Unit Required callout, included with Police Partner 2.0. It’s about time we get to ride along with a friend! L.S. Noir by @Fiskey111 and @LtFlash with contributions from @Albo1125 Now that you have fancy detective clothing thanks to the hard work of the EUP developers, you might as well put it to good use! Introducing a modification that has been in development for over a year, L.S. Noir by Fiskey111 and LtFlash! This modification was built from the ground up, including a custom made scriptmanager created by LtFlash, allowing L.S. Noir to have some unique features. The first detective-style modification in LSPDFR history, L.S. Noir is designed for player immersion. Featuring gameplay that can last up to one hour, this modification is the opposite of “run and gun”. A unique feature is that of the cross-session cases, meaning your simple Murder case probably will not be completed in one sitting. Tired of simple dialog with peds? Well, L.S. Noir features a custom made dialog class that adds some facial and body animations to liven up conversations! Oh, and did I mention that it also has an all-new, custom interrogation mode?? Oops - must have slipped my mind! Now you won’t just be getting an answer from the suspect, you’ll need to work for it! Is he lying? Leaving information out? Telling the truth? That’s for you to decide! Better start practicing, because your interrogations could make or break a case! L.S. Noir will give you a reason to use the fancy new detective clothing and that new detective crown vic, and with a beta release imminent you can expect the dirty cases of Los Santos to be here soon! You can find more information at the WIP page here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/64906-wip-ls-noir/ I don’t know about you but to me these all look amazing! It looks like the future of LSPDFR is bright, thanks to all these talented individuals! Thank you for checking out the second installment in “Under Construction” - a series of posts dedicated to seeing what is being developed for GTAV. Photos were provided by their respective authors unless specified otherwise below: APD Pack: Slendis LSPD Texture Pack: LeGeorgettier LSN: LeGeorgettier