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  1. I've recently went and reinstalled GTA along with my additional vehicles. I've checked everything multiple times and can't seem to find the error but every time i launch the game it crashes on load up. Now, i've checked and it's definitely the .meta files causing the crash. I might just be missing something but i can't seem to find it. Any help appreciated. carvariations.meta vehicles.meta
  2. 2008 LAPD Chevrolet Tahoe Liberty

    Great job, been looking for good Tahoe. Just out of curiosity, why did yo use the liberty and not the valor?
  3. LASD and LSSD skins for 2015 Suburban

    Would you be able to add the arjent lightbar?
  4. Apologies, i'll fix that now.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Just replace the textures in the .ytd file of PimDSLR's Ford Taurus. This is my first texture i've released so feedback would be appreciated. ---------------------- Requirments http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9770-ford-taurus-fed-signal-valor-by-pimdslr/
  6. Ford Explorer (INTERIOR) Unmarked By PimDSLR

    Don't know if anyone can help me here. I installed the vehicle into my mpchristmas2 folder (vehicle and carvariations.meta all sorted) and when i go to spawn it it says it has spawned but it hasn't. Vehicles.meta carvariations.meta
  7. GLOCK 20 Animated..

    Where are you installing this? I'm following the instructions but it's not spawning in-game.
  8. R1150RT project

    Will the rider be able to sit up like in the default police bike or will he be hunched over?
  9. Ford Taurus Fed Signal Valor By PimDSLR

    Do i need permission to upload a texture for this or do i just need to give credit?
  10. Los Angeles

  11. RAGE update issues

    So i should just revert back to the last version of RAGE? Fixed
  12. RAGE update issues

    Now that RAGE has been updated i went and installed the new version. Since the recent GTA update was released i had reverted to my back up files, now i can't run RAGE because my game isn't version 617 and i can't seem to find a way to update my game. *Using Steam btw.
  13. Changing the police bike to a car

    Thanks I had managed to get it working with help from TheDude
  14. Cant start

    I wasn't having a go at you. It just seemed as if I was
  15. Cant start

    Well when I had posted that the fix was unavailable....