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  1. RageHook crash during loading V61

    [ FIXED] I had to delete the Update.rpf in my mods folder (Mods/Update/Update.rpf) and copy the updated on in from the game files in there. Does not explain why it did not run when i took out the mod folder entirely but it is working now.
  2. Currently having a consistent crash while rage hook is loading the game world. Using V61 Rage hook and a updated game. I Have tried removing everything one by one to see if i can get it going (Mods folder, Scripthooks, asi`s,Plugins folder, scripts) but it gets to the same part every time and crashes before the game world loads. So i`m thinking it has to be something with the Rage Hook loading. I have also tried using RH V60 and it still crashes in the same spot. I`m a hour into troubleshooting and still brick walled on this. This is a fresh install and build that just kinda stopped working. Also something to note. My game run perfectly fine if i run threw Steam. All scripts,ASI`s and mods load and work fine. Just cant get it to launch with the new Rage Hook.
  3. GTA V Random Screens/ WIP`s

    Random GTA V images plus some WIP`S in the future.
  4. Baltimore Police Department

    Random Images and WIP`s for GTAV of Baltimore City and County police units.
    This mod is so good it is literally retarded. Great mod!
    The title is what i have been saying for months. Nice job
  5. StickyWheels

    Funny how something so small can be so epic. Traffic stops gonna be on point.
  6. Crazy Callouts!

    Been waiting for this one to update. Armed driver might be the best pursuit callout to date!
  7. LAPD Police Scanner/Chatter

    This mod is great I use it for every patrol. Are there any more mods that add audio to the self radio??
  8. Such a tragic event. Really hope no one you knew was in there. I just cant believe how high the numbers are getting. These active shooter situation are happening more and more. Its to the point every time i`m in large crowds like malls and movie theaters i`m just scanning people. Which is especially nerve racking since my weekend job is working the door at a movie theater in a state its Not legal conceal carry. Im not a paranoid person I just realize it as a very possible threat now.
  9. Improved male LSPD cops

    Nice work. Gotta ask though. Wat dat premier do.
  10. Callouts locations to close

    So i have about 6 call out plugins in my game and i am noticing that the call out distance is way to close. Like Code 3 call outs spawning right in front of me and messing up normal traffic patterns. I have gone threw the ini`s for them and they don`t offer distance editing. Is there something i can do to correct this issue or is the just the way the call outs run? Or could this potently be caused by a video memory or RAM issue? Running the game maxed out and crammed with mods. (4gb Vid mem, 10gb Ram, Avg 75FPS)
  11. 2016 Chevy Express [DEV]

    Nice work.
    Was gonna make this last weekend. Glad i didn't, this looks great. Nice work

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