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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the MSP texture I made for the Ford Explorer Interceptor In order for this texture to work properly you need to have this car model created by Thehurk, DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS TEXTURE TO ANY OTHER SITE! I hope you enjoy this texture :)
  2. Sandy Shores PD Slicktop

    This is an amazing model, great work! However I'm having a weird problem, NONE of the lights are showing up other than headlights, tail-lights, and blinkers. I have turned the window tint to none, and I've made my shader quality to high and nothing works, please help.
  3. SAHP Truck

    This is AMAZING!
  4. Michigan State Police Texture for Dodge Charger 2015

    I would also love to have the bubble light, however that is not my model, you would have to ask the creator of the car.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    --NOTE-- YOU NEED TO HAVE THE VEHICLE MODEL MADE BY KAMELKFB IN ORDER FOR THIS TEXTURE TO WORK HERE IS THE MODELHope you enjoy!!! I also plan on making this texture for a CVPI. *Yes I know that the lightbar on this model is not the light on real MSP vehicles, this is what I have to work with. Please DO NOT Re-Upload this texture.
  6. Smart Siren 2000SM Siren Mastery [REQUEST]

    May I suggest if you are going to "show off" your siren you made, it's probably best if you did not make people watch a 30 minute LSPDFR episode instead of a 3 minute preview of your siren.
  7. ICEnhancer 3.0 ELS optimized

    Please Please Please release your settings!!!!
  8. ELS v8 double siren problem

    When I am in LSTG 3 and press G to enable the siren there are two siren tones. and I am not using the "dual siren" feature. Please Help. Thank You.

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