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  1. From the album Luxart V

    ELS-V. Now available. Now it's up to the vehicle modders to do their part! Merry Christmas to everyone, and have a Happy New Year!
  2. Version 1.05


    Emergency Lighting System V brings one of the most popular modifications ever created for a GTA title (ELS-IV) to Grand Theft Auto V. ELS-V will add a whole new dimension to your patrols. With a fresh look and many more features than its predecessor, it's also sure to brighten up your game and satisfy the emergency lighting enthusiast in anyone. DESCRIPTION − ELS provides an alternate and incredibly in-depth way of controlling emergency vehicle lights and sounds. − ELS requires vehicle models specifically designed to make use of its features. − ELS includes over 200 unique lighting patterns scattered across 4 light groups and lighting formats. NOTES − Please consult the ELS USER GUIDE and other provided documentation prior to using ELS. − As of V1.00 ELS is not compatible with any form of multiplayer. − A visual enhancement mod is recommended to improve the appearance of ELS lights in game. BASIC INSTALLATION − A GTAV ScriptHook must be installed for any .asi modification to work. The original may be found HERE. − Using script modifications in GTA Online can result in a temporary or permanent ban from the service. − 1. Place ELS.asi, ELS.ini, the ELS folder, and AdvancedHookV.dll inside your main GTA V game directory. − 2. Download and install (a) pro-ELS vehicle model(s). − 3. Start your game. CREDITS − ELS is coded by Lt.Caine. − AdvancedHookV and vehicle damage feature coded by LMS. − ELS-V testing team (alphabetical order): Albo1125, BxBugs123, GravelRoadCop, PoliceWag, and Prophet.
  3. From the album Luxart V

    Must have been a long drive from Liberty City...
  4. Wow is right! Awesome, as is all your work, carface!
  5. ELS is not planned to feature any networking or API. Normally, yes, the environmental lighting should be controlled via the ELS vehicle configuration files (VCFs) for easy access. That's the way it is set up right now with the extras system.
  6. If that route is opened up, ELS would likely use the siren parts in a way that differs from the base game. Thus vehicle models would still need to be configured specifically for ELS--which should be at least slightly simpler than configuring a model for the default system, which presents its own challenges. However, it's still too early for a definitive answer, unfortunately. And for those wondering, just as ELS IV, ELS V is being coded using the C++ Scripthook. Therefore, it will be a ".asi" modification requiring ScirptHookV. The reason for this is simple: C++ is the coding language I am familiar with and the other hooks do not support it (in the sense of building a script with it--ELS will run just fine if the other hooks also happen to be installed).
  7. Hehe, it would probably be pretty great, especially since Albo is much more talented than I am. Regarding an ELS release, I know the long wait has disappointed and frustrated many. For this, I apologize. Please keep in mind, however, that there is nothing more discouraging in this context than to work on a modification for so long and yet still not get to share it with others. After all, the purpose of taking on such a large endeavor, is in many ways to watch others explore, enjoy and benefit from it. That said, why have we not been forthcoming with information regarding ELS? This has been a point of frustration for several members of the community, and understandably so. However unintentional the consequences may have been, the reason for this strategy was simple: nothing in ELS was--or is--set in stone. Throughout the development process, things have evolved, features have come and gone or been completely rethought. Even flash patterns have been redone about three to four times (that's hundreds of patterns!). Because ELS was--and is--constantly changing, an accurate picture of the mod could not really be conveyed to the public. We also wanted to strike a balance between reassuring the community that the mod was indeed in development, while not creating the type of hype that would result in people becoming impatient and ultimately frustrated. Perhaps that hasn't been entirely successful, in which case, I apologize. At this point, most of the core ELS features are complete. However, a release is not yet possible for several reasons: a few core features still remain to be coded (takedowns, for instance); several features are being polished; and, I am constantly on the lookout for more ways to squeeze things out of the game in order to provide ELS users and vehicle modelers with more options and a better experience. Furthermore, the recent developments regarding default siren ("carcols") configuration have provided a new avenue to explore for ELS. For instance, the entire "extra" method may be discarded and replaced with a new method using the "siren" parts. This is being explored, but is far from guaranteed. If it can be done, it would provide ELS with 20 individual lights as opposed to only 12, in addition to freeing up the extras to be used as random vehicle components--which, no doubt would be greatly appreciated. It would also mean more complex--and fun--flash patterns. However, this would also inevitably increase development time. Were ELS a mod like most others, it might have already been released. However, the issue in this particular case is that ELS requires vehicle models configured to a particular standard. The fear is that were ELS to change dramatically due to a new development after an initial release, that players and websites would be cluttered with a plethora of obsolete vehicle models and ELS vehicle configuration files. Not to mention the confusion this would cause, which has materialized in the past. Therefore, the idea is to build ELS to a point where subsequent releases will feature only minor updates that won't disturb the community. And hopefully that won't take too much longer. I hope this clears things up for most people interested in the development of ELS for V. I know it's been a very long wait, but I ask you for just a little more--just a little more time so that I can at least try to make it live up to your standards and expectations and prevent the need for huge messy overhauls down the road. For those wondering about the damage issue, you may rest assured that it is fixed, but LMS is working on a solution that will make it portable and capable of withstanding GTA V game patches/updates. As for stability, there really is no comparison to be made to GTA IV. ELS V is extremely stable, and not a single crash has yet been reported outside of routine testing/development, even with AI vehicles enabled.
  8. From the album Luxart V

    Two of the latest additions to the updated Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack.
  9. Version V1.00


    The Federal Signal Unitrol Omega 90 siren for GTA V. DESCRIPTION − A sound modification which replaces the main GTA V siren tones with those of the Federal Signal Unitrol Omega 90k. − Features the following tones: AH, WL, YP, and PY. NOTES − Due to game limitations, the priority tone (PY) will be applied to all of the game’s emergency vehicles. − To apply this siren to any emergency vehicle, in the vehicles.meta file, set its <handlingId> flag to one matching the name of an emergency vehicle that uses the base siren and is similar in handling (ex. POLICE, POLICE2, POLICE3, PRANGER, POLICET…) INSTALLATION − Always make sure to create backups before overwriting any original game files. − To avoid the need to overwrite original game files, use the “mod” folder method provided by OpenIV. − 1. Using OpenIV, open the file: “mods /x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT.rpf”. − 2. Once inside, find and replace the vehicles.awc file with one of those provided in the download. − 3. Close OpenIV. REDISTRIBUTION − You may modify and redistribute this modification as long as all credits are respected. CREDITS − Sounds sourced from the Federal Signal website. − Sounds looped, edited, optimized and compiled for GTA V by Lt.Caine. PREVIEW − Sample tones are provided in the download.
  10. From the album Luxart V

    A work in progress.
  11. From the album Luxart V

    Lore-friendly and now available. Pairs well with the Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack.
  12. Well, after you've roughed-up a couple of unruly inmates, maybe. :P @Myrphac: Your game is probably crashing because it can't handle all the add-on vehicles, in which case you'll need to install a gameconfig.xml mod to increase the limit. Here's the one I use, which I find works well: @Officer27: I had actually planned that originally, but out of a lack of time and fear that I would never get around to it (and have that hold back a release), I figured I'd release the models as they are.
  13. From the album Luxart V

    Pretend to rescue the physically ill in style with this new EMS-themed vehicle pack. Now available.
  14. Version V2.00


    This is an EMS-themed vehicle pack containing 7 default-type vehicles, remapped to accept custom decals and with some adjustments. DESCRIPTION − A vehicle pack featuring lore-friendly reworked default vehicles with an EMS theme. − Currently features 7 vehicle models: Stanier, Fugitive, Granger, Rumpo, V450 Ambulance, Landstalker Ambulance, and Contender. − Vehicles have matching lighting configurations and all have slicktop variations. − A Granger variation includes lifeguard equipment and the Rumpo has some in-game vehicle "mods” available to it. − Vehicles have multiple matching liveries. NOTES − If your game crashes on start up, you likely need to install a "gameconfig.xml" modification to increase the number of add-on vehicles your game can accept. − Whenever modifying XML files, an appropriate text editor (such as Notepad++) is recommended. − Since the vehicles included in this pack are add-ons, a trainer is required to spawn them using option to type-in the model name. − Model names: AMBULANCE, AMBULANCE2, EMSCAR, LGUARD, EMSCAR2, EMSSUV, EMSVAN. − Ambulance and Lifeguard models will replace default ones. − Known issue: Odd glass collisions on Rumpo when window panels/covers are equipped. − Known issue: Entry into the EMSVAN via the rear doors is glitched and more work is needed to resolve it. INSTALLATION − Always make sure to create backups before overwriting any original game files. − To avoid the need to overwrite original game files, use the “mod” folder method provided by OpenIV. − 1. Add the “lux_vpack_ems” folder (included in the download) to “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/” in your GTA V game directory. − 2. Using OpenIV, extract the file “mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml” to your desktop. − 3. Open the file and add the following line at the end of it (just above </Paths>): <Item>dlcpacks:\lux_vpack_ems\</Item> − 4. Save the file. This line will instruct to the game to load the vehicle pack along with all other game DLC. − 5. Import the dlclist.xml file you just modified back into OpenIV, overwriting the original. − 6. Close OpenIV. CREDITS − Base GTAV vehicle models made by Rockstar Games and modified by Lt.Caine. − Vehicles remapped and reworked by Lt.Caine. − Vent on Vapid V450 made by Lt.Caine. − Some Vapid V450 model edits, including extra lights by BxBugs123. − Yard1 for fixing vehicle glass collision issues on the Granger model.