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  1. @OJdoesIt I'm getting crashes everytime I have a felony stop and the suspect triggers a chase after trying to talk him out the vehicle. I tried it repeatedly and each time it happens bro. RagePluginHook.log
  2. This mod is fantastic! @BejoIjo will you be expanding on this? It would be a great to have this option at any time, even if responding to a call. If I was on foot talking to a suspect and called back-up (your mod) and he pulled up and calmly walked over to me and stood there like real life would be cool. Again folks been saying for years your mod could not be done because of how reckless the AI drives then BAM....here we are. Great work bro.
    ....and they said this could never happen..smh....BRAVO
  3. Ignore the message, it will not crash your game, just play as normal-per Albo Does you game start if you take your mods folder out?
  4. It does this when you are running low on memory. Go to your Ragehook console and type "CleanWorld" thenpress tab, true,true,true,true..etc until you can't anymore then enter. Once the world clears it should free up memory and fix it.
  5. Have you modded any of your audio files? it looks like it is a issue with LSPDFR. Can you post screen shots of your main GTAV folder, Scripts, Plugin folder, and LSPDFR folder that's IN the plugin folder.
  6. @OJdoesIt Things are moving pretty well now. I have a suggestion that noone has done yet and you could be the first. After traffic callouts when other officers are present and its been a shooting or something, I think it would be nice if the police callout had a delay that let officers hang around for just a little bit before the callout ends and they all just hop in their cars, leaving you to clean up the mess. For instance, to be more like real life, while you are calling the coroner and taking a statement ( I use the ticket writing portion from albo mod to look like I'm taking notes or filling out something), the officers would still be there with their car lights still on, like a crime scene. Then by the time the coroner arrives, the callout would end, and everybody leaves together. Just a thought. You should also do that call status on other code 3 callouts if it is far away. That was pretty hot. Only other thing I noticed is most of the callouts are too close to where I might be when I get them, which takes the realizm out of it. Great job with this overall OJ.
    I really apreciate the changing of the dreaded "kifflom" to asking for ID. GREAT fix, it works well! I used the kifflom replacement only and it was well worth it. Great job!
  7. @OJdoesIt another crash this time when responding to officer down callout. RagePluginHook.log
  8. Kilyin thanks bro. I forgot all about that RagePluginHook_20092017_034143.log
  9. I restarted the game so I think the log cleared because I didn't see the crash but here it is anyway. Maybe you can see it. RagePluginHook.log
  10. @OJdoesItran into a crashing issue during a felony stop. LSPDFR crashes when the suspect attempt to drive off to give chase. Just a heads up It's from albo mod. It's availible when you are in a pursuit to control how the police chase the suspect.
  11. BrakeLights+

    Just what the doctor ordered. Great work bro