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  1. Just curious as to what state is most popular as i might make a new state skin pack
  2. Police4 assistance

    I download an unmarked vehicle and install it as indicated but when i load it into game the vehicle is pink and nothing works on it. can someone educate me on this issue
  3. RPH Help

    So i've installed everything for lspdfr and the newest rage hook when i launch with rage hook it loads up to the point where it would load single player and then crashes. Can someone help me figure out why. thanks
  4. is someone able to send me open IV been out of the modding game for a bit and come back to this shit
  5. Version V4.0


    A skin Pack i made because i was Bored, I hope you guys like it. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, AFTER USING IT RATE IT, PLEASE IT HELPS ME KNOW HOW U LIKE IT... SUGGESTIONS OR REQUESTS PM ME, I MAY SAY NO TO REQUESTS. (SCHEDULING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE SO IF I SAY YES IT MAY NOT GET DONE FOR A WHILE) DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM WITHOUT PERMISSION. __________________________________________________________ -Vehicle Models Magnum model: http://www.gta-modding-chest.com/database/79-2010-dodge-magnum-liberty-county-sheriff-v1-0aj-els/index.html?highlight=dodge+magnum Tahoe: Any Tahoe with the Bxbugs template Tahoe: Any Tahoe with CJ24 Template CVPI: Any CVPI with bxbugs template CVPI: Any CVPI with DriverSF Template ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTENT -Tennessee Highway Patrol skins CVPI Bxbugs123 CVPI DriverSF Tahoe Bxbugs123 Tahoe CJ24 Template Dodge Magnum Yakadafi -Roane County Sheriff TN CVPI Bxbugs123 Tahoe Bxbugs123 Tahoe CJ24 Template Dodge Magnum Yakadafi CVPI DriverSF -SweetWAter TN CVPI Bxbugs123 Tahoe Bxbugs123 Tahoe CJ24 Template Dodge Magnum Yakadafi CVPI DriverSF Screenshots (as seen below or above) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHANGE LOG THP pack V2.0 -Added new skins -extra skins for different templates V3.0 -Changed to better base colour -Textures made to fit models better V3.5 -Added a THP skin to fit correctly on F5544's DriverSF unlocked model Tennessee law enforcment Pack V1.0 -Added Roane County Sheriff skins for Tahoe, CVPI (Bxbugs123), dodge magnum V2.0 -Added SweetWater TN CVPI (BxBugs123) -Added SweetWater TN Tahoe (BxBugs123) -Added SweetWater TN Tahoe (CJ24 Template) V3.0 -Added Roane County Sheriff CVPI DriverSF -Added SweetWater CVPI DriverSF -Added SweetWater Dodge Magnum Yakadafi V4.0 (updated 2013/05/08) -Added Tennessee Highway patrol Tahoe (unknown who made the model but it was used in chippy's phoenix pack) -Retextured Tennessee Highway patrol CVPI (BxBugs123) -Retextured Tennessee Highway Patrol CVPI DriverSF -Retextured Tennessee Highway Patrol Tahoe (Bxbugs 123) -Retextured Tennessee Highway Patrol Tahoe (CJ24 Template) -Retextured Tennessee Highway Patrol Dodge Magnum Yakadafi ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Work in Progress To be determined
  6. From the album Ontario Police Vehicles(CAN)

    Skins all made by Bonehead Eurocopter EC135 made by Special Jaeger at gamemodding.com (i think) Tahoe by Chippy CVPI by Chippy
  7. Version V2.0


    A small skin pack of the police service that patrols the city and surrounding areas of where i was born. Sorry for no model links if anyone knows of where to get the models please help me out and post the link as a comment if not i'll do my best to find some. ADDED PED SKINS AND THE TAHOE SKIN I MESSED UP ON Most if not all CV skins are for Bxbugs models. The Tahoe skin is for Bxbugs Tahoe model Sub skin is for the "old" sub model by Bxbugs Taurus skin is for the Taurus released by bxbugs. Special thanks to Stinkace2 for the awesome screen shots Please do not repost this file anywhere. please use it responsibly do not post edited versions without my consent i will be a sad bonehead and the file will most likely be taken down.

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