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    Skin they're what i do
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    Pembroke, Ontario CAN
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    Add me on Xbox Bonehead Badger Battlefield 3 (xbox) Battlefield 1943/Bad co./Bad co. 2 Forza Horizon, grid/grid 2, Dirt 3 and many more :D GTA IV (pc) POLICE Texturing O.P.P. Making a difference
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About Me

I'm currently a College student studying Police Foundations and doing volunteer security work on the side.


I aspire to become an O.P.P. constable or a Y.R.P. constable for either traffic unit.


I enjoy making textures, and recently sound files EG: sirens. I've made a FedSig MS4000 and (something)640.


I drive a Hyundai it's small but it's reliable.... maybe not that reliable.


I i'm a very understanding person, but don't make me mad, not pretty


I i will harass most people not on purpose it's just who i am, i like to talk.... well text :S






You can threaten me all you want I couldn't care less, leave the younger members and female members alone they don't need to hear your BS.


"I may not be the best at many things but i will put my best foot forwards".


"I would jump in front of a car to save a mouse even if it's already dead".


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