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  1. [4K] Los Santos County Sheriff's Pack

    talk about police intimidation
  2. Strooper

    the radar gun itself should be the size of a softball, not a BB Pellet, my only gripe lol
  3. I figured since a lot of people creating car packs end up making topics on them, I may as well make one for my WIP cars. I'm creating the Florida Highway Patrol, and I'm open to suggestions on what to add to my current plans. I'll be creating this pack using parts from @Thehurk, @OfficerFive0, and @RoegonTV, along with parts created by myself. Plans: There will be a few agencies implemented into this pack besides the Florida Highway Patrol. 2006-2011 Crown Victoria. * 2010 Dodge Charger.* 2013 Dodge Charger with previous generation Code 3 Javelin. 2014 Dodge Charger with current generation Code 3 Javelin. * 2015 Dodge Charger.* 2015 Dodge Charger Ghost Vehicle 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Slicktop 2014 Chevy Tahoe with current generation Code 3 Javelin. * 2015 Chevy Tahoe. (K9/Non-K9) * 2017 Dodge Chargers (RX2700) Marked/Unmarked. * *Finished Models F-150 FDOT (Retired FDOT vehicle, now FHP.) 2011 Crown Victoria FDOT. Progress: Here I will post pictures of the vehicles.
  4. Los Santos Noir

    Absolutely love it, I've recorded vids with it already and can't wait to make it into a series. It's so nice to play LSPDFR from a different perspective of law enforcement. This mod adds really awesome features that'll keep you interested at all times, mixed in with some pretty good humor in the lines from characters. Tiny bit of work could be done to the lines with grammar and what not, but I'm not familiar with where the Development team is, or what their primarily spoken language is, can't throw any blame. Great mod, great immersion and I'm glad to see this out after some very hard work. Thank you!
  5. 2016 Florida Highway Patrol Pack

  6. Soon™

    I think you mean DAMN.
  7. Hey.

  8. Non-ELS Carcols cars?

    While I agree with the majority of this, I just love the way ELS functions, the light stages along with the satisfying clicks or beeps, being able to flip just your TA on, or takedowns/alleys. While ELS certainly needs work I still prefer it. With my newest vehicles i'm tending to use a mix of default and ELS.
  9. End Gang Life

    CFSEU-BC? Sounds familiar
  10. Mount me

  11. Illegally parked

  12. Illegally parked

    oH wHat nO
  13. Illegally parked

    oh no what
  14. Don't Drink And Drive This Turkey Day

    From the album TaylorSwift's WIP

    Little fictional cars I'm working on to go along with my RCMP shit, older cars will feature the FedSig Raydian and new ones will feature a Valor with colored edges.
  15. Don't Drink And Drive This Turkey Day

    ELS indeed, the real Raydian has a TA optional, I haven't added that on these cruisers. The lightbar is currently set to the SCAN function in the ELS VCF, it looks pretty sweet, got some cool sweep patterns and normal flashing, I'll see if I can make a gif later.
  16. Don't Drink And Drive This Turkey Day

    It was definitely not the first choice on my mind but I really wanted something that was different, yet also had colored ends or glass in general. I think it somehow fit with the liveries!
  17. TaylorSwift's WIP

    All of my WIP in progress models m8
  18. 2016 Florida Highway Patrol Pack

    Lmao I've come back to this, good shit guys. You're correct, my good sir. There is absolutely no vehicle pack, nor will there ever be. NOVEMBER'S FOOLS. ThErE iS No VeHiClE PaCk
  19. Florida Highway Patrol - 2016 Dodge Charger Stealth

    Everything XMod said, but to add more, the screenshots he posted, were my models. The screenshot he posted was not the ghost car, model wise, it just had a livery that was custom made for the ghost. If you mention that you've done research to get the model accurate, provide sources and state some of the "research" done. The ghost cars in real life do not have full interior bars, they have the Code3 Headliner light module in the front window. The car that XMod posted pictures of is my model recreating the 2016 Slicktop Chargers, it is not missing any modules, and while some of the modules could be better textured or modeled, they are all, one hundred percent accurate to the real life cars, as a trooper is helping me make them based on his cruisers lol. Some of the cruisers in FHP may vary, no state agency is going to have the exact setup on every single car, it's just not realistic, sometimes they didn't install a specific module or something changed over time. If you want this car to be accurate, take out the full interior bar, throw a headliner in, and change the inner edge in the back to be a WingMan Flex. The modules on the back panel near the plate are also inaccurate, they should be Code3, not Whelen and rather than four of them, they are two that are split modules. With that aside, being the guy making the FL Pack, I honestly think you didn't do half bad, i've seen people absolutely butcher FL, I once butchered FL lol. Thing is, even if my model is more accurate, you're actually releasing stuff, good on you for that. I saw effort in this model and that's really what matters, something people hate the most in this community is when people put little effort into a model and throw it out there half working and never touch it up, this appears to work fine, and isn't that bad, just offering some constructive criticism.
  20. 10-8

    From the album TaylorSwift's WIP

  21. 10-8

    Thanks, gonna try and do most of the typically worn uniform pieces, I really miss that from IV
  22. Your ride is here, bitches.


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