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  1. [4K] Los Santos County Sheriff's Pack

    talk about police intimidation
  2. Strooper

    the radar gun itself should be the size of a softball, not a BB Pellet, my only gripe lol
  3. Los Santos Noir

    Absolutely love it, I've recorded vids with it already and can't wait to make it into a series. It's so nice to play LSPDFR from a different perspective of law enforcement. This mod adds really awesome features that'll keep you interested at all times, mixed in with some pretty good humor in the lines from characters. Tiny bit of work could be done to the lines with grammar and what not, but I'm not familiar with where the Development team is, or what their primarily spoken language is, can't throw any blame. Great mod, great immersion and I'm glad to see this out after some very hard work. Thank you!
  4. 2016 Florida Highway Patrol Pack

  5. Soon™

    I think you mean DAMN.
  6. Hey.

  7. Non-ELS Carcols cars?

    While I agree with the majority of this, I just love the way ELS functions, the light stages along with the satisfying clicks or beeps, being able to flip just your TA on, or takedowns/alleys. While ELS certainly needs work I still prefer it. With my newest vehicles i'm tending to use a mix of default and ELS.
  8. End Gang Life

    CFSEU-BC? Sounds familiar
  9. Mount me

  10. Illegally parked

  11. Illegally parked

    oH wHat nO
  12. Illegally parked

    oh no what

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