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  1. CPD held a contest inside the department to design new decals for their patrol cars. Each of the 22 patrol districts submitted a design, this was the result.... Yuck.
  2. Uniform 1

    Officers with special duties (evidence technicians, K9) wear a black top instead of the sky blue most officers wear. SWAT wear a olive drab military looking uniform. Jackets, fleeces or sweaters are all black no matter the rank.
  3. Found some goodies while researching for a upcoming project Oops... Rapper Ice T posing against the side of a CPD Caprice Apparently the CPD sponsored a funny car in the 70's Dat door alignment doe.. Chicago Police officers load a dead body into a squadrol during the July 1995 heat wave. Over 700 died in the city as the temperature hit 106 F (41 C) with the heat index at over 125 F (51 C). It was reported that up to 10 bodies were stacked in a squadrol at times. Once the squadrols went to the morgue, they were forced to wait a few hours in a line of 30+ squadrols from around the city to drop off their bodies. If the bodies weren't stinking by the time they were loaded they definitely were when they were offloaded.The morgue was forced to store bodies in refrigerated trailers due to the amount of bodies. To lighten the mood, someone thought it was a good idea to put crown vic hubcaps on this astro van...
  4. Font pack for skinning?

    Took me a while to find this because there isn't a tutorial section on the site anymore so this post is pretty much lost to the abyss : Specifically this : These fonts in my experience are good for 80% of the fonts you need.
  5. New PC Build

    Are you interested in CPU overclocking? A 4790K is meant to be overclocked but you have no CPU cooler which is pretty much required for overclocking... If your not, get something like a i5-4690 w/ a intel H97 mobo or the Skylake equivalent and use your extra cash to get a HDD/SSD combo with a 128/250 gb SSD, which will take your pc's performance to the next level compared to using a i5 instead of a i7.
  6. Wheel in the center of vehicle

    Most likely misplaced wheel dummies. dummies are kinda like placeholders in both zmodeler and in game. The blue squares on the model and the "file folder" for parts on the car. The game uses some of these dummies to spawn parts on the car. In this case, the wheel dummies is used to spawn the wheels in game. Check if the wheel dummies are positioned in the center of the wheel wells. In the future be very careful not to select dummies when moving parts around.
  7. Can't Update Windows 10 (Fixed)

    Back them up either way, from prior experience a sick windows can also cause a reset to fail, which might destroy windows enough that you can't even login without crashing. To be safe, go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 and download a copy of windows 10 to a 4gb + flash drive so that if resetting does fail, you can manually reinstall a new copy of windows which will fix everything. (your windows key is tied to your motherboard so there's no need to worry about authentication)
  8. Can't Update Windows 10 (Fixed)

    Defragging an SSD would not cause those problems, defragging an SSD is bad because a SSD has a limited number of read/write cycles before it dies which a defragmentation would do a lot of sorting your stuff. On your problem, the easy (probably only) way out is just to backup your stuff and do a clean reinstall of windows instead of sifting thru google results for hours. Since if your windows and drivers are bad, chances are the windows tools to fix it are also screwed up, if after there still are problems its probably a hardware issue.
  9. Xbox 360 Controller Issues

    Is this one of the unofficial adapters? Did you use a included CD to install the drivers? Windows 10 has these drivers already installed you just have to direct the device to use them.
  10. Don't have the game installed right now lol but I think you're gonna need a program called xpadder to map the buttons.
  11. PC Gaming Controller?

    a xbox 360 controller wired or wireless, (a wireless requires a receiver that you can only pretty much buy from a ripoff producer in china since Microsoft stopped making their own) work fine. With all the keys needed to play your still gonna end up using the keyboard though.
  12. I think what you want are called dummies. Go to upper right hand corner and you'll see a upside down cone, click the arrow, click dummy helper, press the icon that shows up. Should also be mentioned that dummies are not just to sort stuff, they are visible on the workspace (the blue boxes). In GTA IV dummies are used in some instances to tell the game where to position some of the parts (i.e the wheels use dummies to position them, that's why sometimes they get screwed up in game). The position of the dummies don't matter here though.
  13. Will I be able to run GTA IV?

    Gotta use pcpartpicker, makes sorting everything much easier, also compiles prices from the reputable stores. Here's your build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/XRXMsY 1. Unless your doing video editing, you don't need 16 gb of ram 2. You can buy a B-stock EVGA 980, they're refurbished by the manufacturer and cost much less w/ warranty. http://www.evga.com/Products/ProductList.aspx?type=8 3. You don't need to buy windows 10, you can buy 7/8 which are usually cheaper and use the free upgrade. My edit http://pcpartpicker.com/p/DRXMsY Total: $1234 Also look out for sales as were getting into the holiday season. i.e the samsung evo 250gb is frequently on sale (don't be fooled by the amazon 'sale' price, $90 is pretty much the regular price for it on there). and should drop below $70 before christmas multiple times. https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/
  14. He wants to play GTA IV... Anyway the pc's you are looking at are: 1. Are 5 years old and obsolete (not even quad core... Core 2 duo's which are 6-7 generations old, amd 5000's series which is about 4 generations old, ddr2 ram when pc's are currently switching to ddr4...) 2. Pretty sure these pc's couldn't run GTA IV good w/o enb let alone with one. I don't think it's worthwhile to spend $250 on a 5 year old computer that wasn't even good in 2010. Looking at pcpartpicker the builds they have for $250 currently still wouldn't let you run GTA IV with ENB and mods. Building a pc yourself is the best way to maximize your cash. IMO the best course of action is to save $500-600 before you spend. At this range you can get a gtx 960 / r9 380 build that can run gta iv w/ enb and gta v at 60 fps.