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  1. Anti-Knife Tactics 101

    That could not have been better! Great job, Russia!
  2. UnNamed Callouts

    No, the .rar file would not open. There was an error message reading along the lines of, "Cannot open the archive of UnnamedCallouts.rar".
  3. UnNamed Callouts

    Tried it on 7Zip, it does not open. WinRAR works, though. No, you can use the pack without any of these plugins.
  4. Here's an older and more detailed CNN article on the same topic. It was linked in Kallus' quotes. Link:https://www.cnn.com/2017/05/11/us/wv-cop-fired-for-not-shooting--lawsuit/
  5. HoldMyGun

    Simple, but neat plugin. Hope to see more updates.
  6. Edit: Nevermind, should've read the warning about the crashes
  7. ALPR Traffic Cameras - ALPR+ Addon

    Will this be integrated with @BejoIjo 's ALPR Lite plugin? Link:ALPR Lite
  8. Since the oldest operating system that can run GTA V is Windows Vista 64-bit Service Pack 2, I think the prerequisite operating system should be changed to reflect that. I doubt that most, if not all, FiveM police RPers are checking their CAD on a PC that is separate from their main one.
  9. AverageCallouts [WIP]

    This callout pack is okay, but I found a bug. In the carjacking callout, a vehicle pursuit ensued. When the suspect, one Brit Mason, attempted to back into me when blocked in, I fired some rounds that hit the windshield and missed him. I arrested him after he bailed out of the car, and part of the Code 4 notification said,"The suspect has been killed." even though he was obviously alive. I forgot to screenshot it, but it happened.
    The callout is very good. I do have one suggestion, though. Before a type of search is chosen, the details of the wanted suspect should be shown first. That way, I can make an informed decision based on the severity of the suspect's crimes.
    This mod works almost perfectly, and I would rate it five stars. One problem I found with it is that the backup AI can not turn into smaller spaces well. I performed a traffic stop on a black Granger in a parking lot near Vespucci Beach. The only two entrances were small open spaces. The AI kept crashing into the walls of one of the entrances, and failed to drive to the space, even with debugging teleportation. I tried calling for backup again, but the same problem persisted.
  10. When I attempted to play LSPDFR as a Park Ranger, I spawned the Ranger version of the Granger via the RPH console. When I attempted to enter the vehicle, it crashes. Is there a way to fix or prevent this problem? Vehicle models that cause crashes when attempting to enter: POLICEB SHERIFF2 FBI2 PRANGER
  11. LSPDFR Patrols

    Moments that I captured while playing LSPDFR.
  12. An Honest Mistake

    I think I mimicked him to pull over there.

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