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    Orange County Police Department Archao 5 Origin Gaming Clan GTA IV + GTA V Prehistoric Age Russia Chocolate ....etc..
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To my fellow Clan Members I am known as Archaophatryx Dominus Ryagontagion.

(Pronounced:  Arr - Kayo - Fay - Tricks  ;  Dawm - In - es  ;  Rie - ah - gone - tay - jin. )

I am the Founder of a new, young Gaming Clan known as Archao 5 Origin (ARC9) . Starting out as a measly 20 person group on a low budget MMO, ARC9 spread into Multiplayer-Platform games, Single-Player game communities, and more. ARC9 Community Managers have recently taken the main website down, and are planning on making an external site.