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  1. NJSP Textures

    Everything is crooked. You need to go back and straighten everyhting according to the angle of the template. I can tell just from the screenshots how crooked it is. Just make sure that you're following the contours of the car correctly.
  2. [WIP] LSPD Pack

    Making an LSPD and BCSO pack from @JJDawkins cars. I am working on the LSPD pack first. I will be doing a skin for every single car in his pack. If you have any requests (narco, K-9, Traffic, etc.) please feel free to ask.
  3. [WIP] LSPD and BCSO Skin pack

    '15 Charger C.A.T. skin... I know it looks pink on top, but its maroon red like the sides. Bad sun glare.
  4. On Patrol

    Photos taken on various patrols.
  5. Various WIP 1500 Shots

    Thats true, completely lapsed my mind that we are working with ELS again lol. I look forward to seeing that model once its released
  6. Various WIP 1500 Shots

    I would definitely make a livery for it, but it needs an amber and red lightbar instead of red and blue
  7. Various WIP 1500 Shots

    Awesome, I'll be waiting for it. In the mean time, any lifeguard vehicles in the works? I could really use a sexy F-150
  8. Various WIP 1500 Shots

    I hope so, cuz that shit is sexy as hell.
  9. Various WIP 1500 Shots

    this is it right here...
  10. Various WIP 1500 Shots

    Yea, they're just too damn big lol.
  11. Various WIP 1500 Shots

    I think it would look great with some grill lights.
  12. Black Jesus's WIP Showroom

    We could really use a nice Lifeguard vehicle right about now... Hint Hint...
  13. New user here

    I agree completely. I wouldn't worry a ton about cars until you are comfortable with mjust doing the basic plugins and such.
  14. I'm glad we got it figured out for you. Enjoy it!
  15. Those files are used by your graphics card. They may not delete ever, idk. Try to run it again and repost the log.

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