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  1. Back from Basic Training and back on Patrol!

    Makes sense. I noticed all the paperwork stuff already. MP school didn't scare me off so hopefully the rest of it wont!
  2. Back from Basic Training and back on Patrol!

    Oh man tell me about it, I hated going through training. Bunch of softies I wish they were harder on us but it's against the rules now I guess. And no offense taken I get it man... we are cops ;) Yessir, already played tons of em! And today's video... Enjoy!!
  3. Hey everyone! So I made it back from basic training and MP school alive and I should be back posting regularly on my channel again. Ill be posting my new videos here! Thank you and enjoy!!
  4. Fowler Plays LSPDFR!

  5. State Patrol Series!

  6. Fowler Plays LSPDFR!

  7. Fowler Plays LSPDFR!

  8. Fowler Plays LSPDFR!

  9. Fowler Plays LSPDFR!

  10. Fowler Plays LSPDFR!


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