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  1. Awesome! Thank you for replying and letting me know. And thank you for my favourite callout pack!
  2. Hey, could you add something to the next release that allows us to specify which vehicle or vehicles spawn with a security guard in the Assist Security Guard callout? I'd love to use @TheF3nt0n's pack of add-on security vehicles along with your awesome callout! Thanks! drsn0w
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hello LSPDFR.com! I was a bit bored last night, so I decided to make a foray into the world of skinning. After a few hours of work, this is what I came up with! This is my first skin, and I would appreciate any comments/concerns you have with it, leave em down below in the comments :D Thank you to @Polecat324's skin tutorial video on YouTube for inspiring me to do this. Todo: More detailing License plates Enjoy! This skin is for the 2011 Forza CVPI by @Thehurk, which can be found here:
  4. [ELS] LSPD Vehicle Pack

    What a day! An awesome pack from BradM, an update to PeterUCallouts, AND a taxi released by t0y????? All in one day???? <3
  5. 'Rush' tv series Ford Territory

    I play American so I'm not going to use this in my game, but you did turn me on to an amazing show! Thank you!!!!
  6. [ELS] BCSO Vehicle Pack

    Copy that :)
  7. Any possibility of getting this compatible with VocalDispatch? I'd love to be able to puff "Dispatch, update pursuit status!!" as I jump out of my cruiser after a suspect who foot bails!
  8. [ELS] BCSO Vehicle Pack

    Hey @BradM, great pack. The only issue that I've encountered is that the Impala rolls on high speed turns. I'm using vanilla metas and stuff. Thanks man!
  9. [ELS] BCSO Vehicle Pack

    Awesome, great consistency and great skins (but of course cuz it's BradM :D)
  10. Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    How would I go about adding a nametag to the uniform? Deputy McCarthy feels impersonalized :(
  11. Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    At first I thought it was only in the metropolitan area but after driving around Blaine County quite a bit I also experience crashes there.
  12. Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Hey all, Without RDE, my game does just fine. However after I install RDE my game crashes randomly while I'm playing. Sometimes it barely lasts one minute, other times I can play for 30+ minutes before it crashes. It's not a RPH issue because the crashes still occur when I load w/o RPH. I've also removed all scripts except for the RDE ones and it still crashes. Does anyone else experience this issue and maybe could shed some light on how to go about fixing it? Thank you! drsn0w EDIT: I'm using a gameconfig from gta5-mods
    Fantastic work! I can't wait for you to release a sheriff pack ;)
  13. Keep It Together! "KIT"

    A must have. I hate it when the stupid AI come out of a chase beat up. This fixes that. 10/10 QOL fix

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