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  1. Another one

    Um, those wheels, ?
  2. Ford VS Dodge

    The fords rear isn't looking right
  3. What is love?

    My god those wheels
  4. Police & Brutality Together

    Textures based on??
  5. This mod is sh*t

    Always make sure your windows is up to date.
  6. Ford Bronco (with surfboard for lifeguard models)

    You made that bronco or put the surf board on it?
  7. Buckstop Bumper

  8. Intense police chase ends on Main street.

    Wow that one officer has quite the scene to clean up
  9. Just a Wolf

  10. Soon

    the model itself is quite poor in quality, the wheels are a great example as they are the size of grapefruits and are not scaled well.
  11. Coming to an LSPD station near you

    What was the issue with the LODs, 0 and 1 were essentially the same.
  12. 2015 Ford F-550 Ambulance

    The Signal Light above the head lights are supposed to be 'silver' Not amber. If it's the emissive texture then whatever.
  13. 2016 NYPD Ford Police Interceptor Utility

    Base model looks like it was in a blender, I mean look at the ford badge, its not even readable, and the taillights are just blocks.
  14. Engine 14 and ladder 104 on scene

    because 1. Assholes rip the model. 2. He Doesn't Want to. BTW gangrenn the mapping of the 'metal' texture is to big

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