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    i saw it, thank you. But how the rear look alike now if there is a picture please.

    it's pretty beautiful. now it's very similar to the amc matador and plymouth belvedere police cars. well man, god bless you.
  3. Regina Sedan LSPD

    Looks so beautiful.
  4. New York City Police Department Auxiliary Police

    Hi, do you please make them LCPD, if you have free time.
  5. Regina Sedan

    anyway i like it.
  6. Regina Sedan

    wow that's great, and it's almost like LA Noire lapd seal, however i reply this to refer the photo, this reply happened with mistake. anyways this is great.
  7. Regina Sedan

    no problem, but the LSPD Seal should be from the game itself with all ingame LSPD Markings, though i saw your photos that are very %100 excellent, but atleast on incoming police and taxi versions of regina, the regina LSPD should have LSPD Markings from the ingame. :)
  8. Regina Sedan

    it's too good man, for LSPD, god bless you, and this.
  9. LCPD Declasse Premier GTA IV

    alright i agree, i'll wait for someone like lundy later.
  10. LCPD Declasse Premier GTA IV

    Why there are no body accept my request, i need this request to happen, i'll be happy then. please guys do this job, please.
  11. LCPD Declasse Premier GTA IV

    Sorry, I forgot to say please, thank you, but please somebody do this car with blue NYPD style lcpd premier classic, yard1 did this, so can guys doing this, please.
  12. Guys, I need the Declasse Premier Classic made by thundersmack, to be blue LCPD like NYPD Caprice. for GTA IV, i need a declasse premier LCPD Blue to have a numbers on it's roof, if Yard1 can accept this request. Respect, Peace.
  13. Hi Everyone, i wan't some one create this GTA World Version of Ford Explorer, I wan't this car to happen like vapid stanier and other GTA Cars. here are Pictures. Body of Vapid Exploder Rear plus Brakelights. the Headlights only. Please do this car from now, not read it and then nothing, please model ford explorer body and model the rear to get look like Kia Sorento, and add the headlights of Raptor to Vapid Exploder and add Vapid logo. Do this from now.
  14. about gta iv car mods.

    hi guys, i wan't a say everything. if you guys can unlock lcpd liveries for editing, but however i wan't all lcpd textures that are very same to the nypd like NYPD word, police and so on, i wan't some people to give me the all NYPD/LCPD Liveries, and about lightbars i wan't vector, and new vision slr lightbars to make police cars. other thing, how did you get dodge boy's vehicles. please read it fully guys.
  15. Hey Guys again, I want today a new LSPD liveries for cars that is based on los angeles police department. Here is the list, I want Yard1 to do them. 1. Cheval Fugitive PPV as LSPD and LSSD based on LAPD and LASD 2. Bravado Buffalo S as LSPD and LSSD based on LAPD and LASD 3. Vapid Stanier 1st generation as LSPD and LSSD based on LAPD and LASD 4. Declasse Burrito 1st and 2nd generation as LSPD and LSSD based on LAPD and LASD 5. Vapid Speedo as LSPD and LSSD based on LAPD and LASD 6. Declasse Rancher as LSPD and LSSD based on LAPD and LASD 7. Albany Esperanto as LSPD and LSSD based on LAPD and LASD Please let Yard1 to do that, I want them to be happened.