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  1. Custom Rear Deck Lights

    Did you find the problem because I know it wasn't from my upload.
  2. Custom Rear Deck Lights

    2 years later, why didn't you post a screen shot or a small video?
  3. GTA V crashes when I load it with RPH

    I just installed lspdfr and when I get to loading story mode, the game crashes for me also.
  4. Slicktop Crown Vic

  5. Whelen Horizon

  6. Hawaii 5-0 unmarked Chevy Camaro ELS 7

    I just downloaded the unlocked camaro that theninja35 posted. I'll work on this tomorrow. If you could post some video's of the show's car in action, it will help.
  7. light glitch zmodeler

  8. light glitch zmodeler

    ​Abusive! Nah that's fine.
  9. colored backup wig wig

    ELS 8.5 in your config file for the vehicle using it.

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