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  1. VWking's Screenshots V

  2. New Vehicles with bad lights and file help

    You need ELS for the lights to function correctly on that vehicle (link below). I hope this helps.
  3. San Andreas Licence Plates

    @wantedelf you're welcome to have the .png files for the plates and transparent text layers if you want to make your own. Let me know, I'll send you a PM :)
  4. latest patchday file

    No problem. Did you find what you were looking for? Latest patch day is currently patchday17ng.
  5. latest patchday file

    This should help. There are lots of forum posts / topics / FAQ's about this. If this isn't what you were looking for try the search facility.
  6. New Vehicles with bad lights and file help

    Please can you give some more information? - What vehicle mods are you using? - Are you using ELS? If so are you using / correctly installed the VCF?
  7. City Never Sleeps

  8. Sheriff

    Looks great! Love the livery too
  9. boys look at this

    I heard Miami Dade have these on back order...
  10. Arresting for DUI

    Awesome picture :)
  11. BCSD Slicktop Crown Vic

    @Steele1925 The window tints are really dark which is probably why your lights don't look as bright. I've created my own window tint texture for this vehicle (40% front, 60% rear) - feel free to use it if you want.
  12. State Trooper Pack

    Really nice pack @Maurice97
  13. BCSD Slicktop Crown Vic

    What a beauty, thanks for sharing!
  14. San Andreas Nights

    Thanks guys! :)

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