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  1. Blaine County Sheriff 4K

    looks awesome, any chance of hurks CVPI?
  2. Blaine County Sheriff Pack.

  3. Blaine County Sheriff Pack.

    are you considering expanding this pack to more vehicles?
  4. Heli edition [WIP]

    @mroxplay you should make it match your BCSO packs with same design
  5. GTA5 2017-05-29 00-13-24-032.jpg

    is there a way i can get this tahoe? @Deputy J.Dawkins
  6. W.I.P

    are you planning a release @Maurice97
  7. i looked and did not find one, sorry the closest tahoe i found is from t0y's BCSO Pack but the pushbar is always attached. it is els
  8. what exactly are you asking, are u asking if there is one on the website, or are you asking if there is one to make skins for? If your asking to make skins, know that most 2013's use the same template.
  9. Help me guys

    its disabled by LCPDFR from the website side
  10. is it possible we can get a 2015 Tahoe skin please? @Nutt
  11. Blaine County Sheriff Possibility 1 of 2

    I perfer this!
  12. Blaine Sheriff

    My Favorite Skin Pack!!! Keep it up!!!
  13. LSFD Ford F350 Ambulance