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  1. Blaine County Sheriff K-9 Team

    ugly kappa
  2. W.I.P

    So i am really new to Zmod this is really W.I.P but let me know if you have any ideas or tips :D Help is appreciated
  3. Last Thing in the Pile

  4. RSAP

    Haha no :D
  5. RSAP

    Wait which model ? :D
  6. RSAP

    If you really mean the 2016 FPIU there is only TheHurks and Jasons.But Hurks one isnt avaible for the public.Dont know if Underwood is having one.
  7. Royal San Andreas Police (RCMP Based)

    Awesome !!!!!!
  8. BCSO 2011 CVPI

  9. BCSO 2011 CVPI

    oh shit i will change it.Thx
  10. BCSO 2011 CVPI

    Version 1.0.0


    Hey everyone.This is a 2011 Vic with the legend lightbar.I hope you like it.If i miss anyone in the credits pls message me.ENJOY !!! INSTALLATION: Models:Mods - Update - x64 - DlcPacks - Patchday15/14(Most recent in your game) - dlc.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5 - vehicles.rpf (Replace/Drag and drop) VCFs:Grand Theft Auto V Directory - ELS - pack_default (Replace/Drag and drop) If you want to use ALL BLUE just replace the ytd ,hi+ytd and ELS file. Massive thanks to @Kallus Rourke for beta testing and @Illusionyary for that awesome skin.Credits are included.If i missed someone pls message me so i can fix it. Please do not redistribute this pack, or any part of it including the liveries, or models, or screenshots, or use them in clans or public/private servers. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other site unless given explicit credit. Thanks for downloading ;) Please report the bugs in the comments before posting a review about them, it may be a misunderstanding or just an easy fix. Enjoy!
  11. Happy Halloween

    Nope nothing
  12. Happy Halloween

    next gen shader
  13. SAHP

    oh lol :D Thx :D