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  1. BetterDispatchAudio

    I agree with @Steele1925, however, there are some games that offer the variation needed. It's the mods that lack the additional audio "slots".
  2. [ELS] Cheval Fugitive

    Is there a way to use this model as a replacement to the Sheriff Cruiser? When I replace the vehicle, it fails to have improper textures
  3. Fixed Weapon Swapping

    Awesome idea! I'll be checking this out now. Looks like a great quality of life tweak.
  4. 2015 Code 3 ELS Dodge Charger

    It says you included the template, but the only template I'm able to find is for the windows, were you going to release the full body template?
  5. MoreRadioChatter

    Awesome plugin! Nice seeing our audio files from BetterDispatchAudio being used for some new plugins! Leme know if you need any additional audio, I'll be happy to kick some to you.
  6. 2014 CHP BMW R 1200RT

    Were ya still planning on releasing the LAPD version? :P
  7. BetterDispatchAudio

    The custom pitch is nice, but it's a LOT of audio to convert. Plus it didn't always fit with the other audio playing. I'll look into easier ways to convert the pitch, but as of now I agree with Steele1925; for this mod, it's just too much with all the tweaking we have to do.
  8. BetterDispatchAudio

    Yeah, NFSMW has over 13k audio files to sort through. Then it's seeing which audio in the Police Scanner folder does what where. Trying to decide whether to replace an audio file with another, edit a new audio file, or leave/edit the old file. Lots of trial and error. Though it's much easier than the audio mod I'm currently working on (I'll drop a hint, kifflom), where I have to replace audio IN the game files. But we still can spend all day sorting, picking what we think is the best audio, then putting it in game and it sounding horrible. That being said, we're both working our butts off sorting, editing, tweaking, and reading your feedback! Keep it coming!
  9. [Request] Carbon E7

    I've been waiting for a while, but I haven't seen anyone tackle it yet for GTAV. I've been looking for someone to release the Carbon E7 http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/nfs/images/d/d0/CarbonMotorsE7_924x519.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20101026023516&path-prefix=en It was done for GTAIV: I don't know if there are technical limitations to properly do the lights, but I would love to see this vehicle roaming the streets of Los Santos. If anyone wants to tackle it, I'll be happy to help with livery work! For anyone not familiar with the Carbon E7
  10. Hey, I noticed you were using some NFSMW audio for your roadblocks, I recently extracted all the original audio from the game and was wondering if you would like the roadblock sound clips while in sorting for BDA.
  11. BetterDispatchAudio

    Hey! If anyone has any suggestions or requests, you can kick them my way as well! I'm currently sorting and will be getting to editing them soon!
  12. GTA does not start after latest update

    Does this happen with the game by itself? As in, just launching vanilla GTAV. If that's the case, I would try verifying your install files through steam: 1. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu. 2. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache... button. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes. Make sure any ASI files you have are deleted or removed from the games folder (look through your folder and see if you have any).
  13. Crash report

    Change the name of your "mods" folder to something else and see if the game can launch. From your log it looks like it's an issue with one of the vehicle mods you installed, but this will help narrow it down. Also, what vehicle mods did you recently install?
  14. BetterDispatchAudio

    Fantastic audio additions. Makes the radio feel much more realistic and less like lines a voice actor was asked to say. Fantastic work!

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