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  1. Hi juste like veryone ... i can play with ldpsfr mod stll crash but my cousin have juste installer the 0.1d verssion and all work fine they have do nothing execpt unzip file to the game folder no unblock file ect.. have been done so if it can help someone ^^
  2. LSPDFR Feature Preview

    whuut 9 min reaming !! cant wait !!!
  3. LSPDFR Feature Preview

    36 min left and the hype train are going to the FLT speed has i can see ahah
  4. LSPDFR Feature Preview

    Be prepared to this !! ahah
  5. LSPDFR Feature Preview

    my heart .... being an attack omg xD ahah he juste make a 360 ° thanks lspdfr
  6. LSPDFR Feature Preview

    like i said red time but not the last hours swe could maybe except a flashing one at the end like police light bar hehe it will be cool :P
  7. LSPDFR Feature Preview

    Omg waiting are killing me x) following the devloppement from the start to mutch excited ! Timer have change to blue and near of the last hours i predict a Red color instead of a blue ahah for me i lil got what they will give us around 19 :30 PM Friday =D

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